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The World's Worst Airlines

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Rebekah Joy
Rebekah Joy

Super duper deals, super options and super suck service, welcome to the advent of budget airlines. I must admit travel has never been cheaper, Air Asia are starting a flight from Malaysia to London for $200 and something Aussie dollars and Jet Star do deals ex NZ to Australia for a couple of hundred. Forget going to the travel agent, just spend hundreds of hours trawling the net for flights and connections. With the increase of airlines stopping food service (actually any kind of service at all) there has been a boom in travel websites all aimed at helping out, try (my fav), (never found a deal on them at all), or There is one website particually interesting and that is Skytrax, This little gem is jam packed full of travellers gripes and moans, ratings and horrendous horror stories. I wish I had known about it before I decided to travel with mega shitty airline Ryan Air.

A few years back I took a jaunt from Bournemouth in the UK to Madrid for a weekend. The price was right, less than 50 quid return. The flight itself not bad (considering the interior is a hideous shade of banana), it was the flight back where I was humilitaed. I checked in for my early bird flight about 3am, and there was a considerable wait as I was very early. The staff who barely spoke English told me to go to Gate E which I did and waited and waited and waited....... About 45 minutes before my flight was due to leave I started to panic, the gate wasnt open. I darted around, tried to ask, practised some Spanish and was finally told there were two gate E's. I sped to the other gate, cleared customs at record speed (I had to be back at work that evening).and ran about trying to find the correct departure gate. My flight wasn't displayed anywhere. The staff looked at me and giggled, nobody approached, I think they found it amusing. After watching for a while, (at the exact time my flight was due on the runway) a man asked me if I was looking for the Ryan Air flight. Yes, I admitted I was........He stiffled a grin, "it just left" he told me with barely disgused satisfaction. Evil, evil evil little Spaniard! I choked back tears of frustration, I had already cleared customs, the stamp was in my passport, what was I to do? He told me to wait in a corridor. I did for nearly an hour, eventually a cleaner had to let me out and I took the metro back to the city to book a 120 quid flight with Easyjet to Gatwick (miles from Bournemouth)  Never mind, I would complain on my return.

Wrong! In this day and age where everybody is accountable for something, Ryan Air do not have a contact number for complaints, there is no email or contact field for any kind of problem, they are simply not accountable. If you want to make contact with the Air Transport Users Council they are only able to help Irish based complaints. You are simply stuck. Take a look at Ryan Air's track record at before you fly or just pay a bit more and use a decent airline.

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