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Zombie vs Human

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Sabine Schneider
Sabine Schneider

Most people are too timid with salt and pepper and don't know how important seasoning actually is. They're bamboozled by so-called nutritionists who tell them not to eat too much salt. Okay, too much salt can have all sorts of bad effects on the body. But how much is too much?

If your diet consists mainly of processed foods, i. e. cheese, chippies, salami, ham, luncheon meat, pre-cooked ready meals, two-minute noodles, sauces from jars and bottles and heaps of take aways, then, yes, you should probably refrain from seasoning anything because I'm sure you're having too much salt already. But then again, on that diet you won't live long anyway, so what does it matter?

My advise is - don't be such a lazy git! Get off your butt and cook a few decent meals a week. You can still have your bloody take aways now and then, but home-cooked meals taste nicer, are cheaper and more satisfying for psyche as well as body and - as a quasi side effect - they're healthier, too.

Another wonderful thing about cooking your own food is that you won't depend on supermarkets to tell you what to eat. Instead of zombie-like grabbing jelly-bean coloured plastic-packaged plastic food, you just buy a few primary products and make up whatever you can from it. It feels quite subversive to make a meal yourself - try it, you'll be surprised.

No time? You have time to go to the gym, out for a beer, watch telly, play games? But no time to care for yourself by making a meal? That's sad-bastard material and an incredibly lame excuse. 

Back to the salt: Once you've decided it's time to become a real human and cook a meal with real food on a real stove, you can start boldly adding salt and pepper until it tastes good. That's what "season to taste" means - you actually take a spoon or fork and taste the food. If it's a bit bland, carefully add a little salt. Taste again. And so forth. As soon as it tastes good it IS good. I believe the difference between good taste and great taste is salt.

Now go and cook something.

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