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Whangarei District Council join Aotearoa Bike Challenge

Whangarei District Council is one of dozens of organisations from across the country competing to see who can get the most staff to ride a bike during February and your organisation is invited to join the challenge too.

Adopting a dog brings added rewards

Whangarei District Council’s animal control team is encouraging people to consider adopting a dog from Council’s animal shelter when looking for a new family member.

Date nights and experiences impressing Kiwis this Valentine's Day

Kiwis are continuing to invest in experiences, as new data shows sentimental spending has increased by 33% since 2015, with the number of transactions up by 47% during the Valentine’s Day period.

Top tips for safely charging an EV at home

Electric vehicle advocacy group Drive Electric is encouraging potential EV owners to find out if their properties are suitable for home-charging. 

Drive Electric board member Eric Pellicer says charging at home is the easiest way to power up an EV.

Valentine's Day 'just a normal day' for 8/10 New Zealanders - survey

Valentine’s Day may not be what it’s hyped up to be, as 8 in 10 Kiwis believe they’re not more likely to get intimate on the romantic day than a normal day, according to the Adulttoymegastore Kiwi Sex Survey results.

KFC 'giving away bucket loads of charm' this Valentine's Day

Last year the KFC bouquet stole hearts - this year KFC New Zealand’s charming chicken lovers with the ultimate Valentine’s gift - a hand-crafted set of charms in silver and gold to immortalise fried chicken love.

Tips to reducing stress of after school sport and activities

The average family spends 5.6 hours every week just driving their kids to sports activities.

This number increases to 16 hours per week when time spent watching and helping are included. No wonder parents are so stressed.

Groping is not Kiwi for "You look nice."

Two weeks ago today, I was groped.

This is not a particularly earth-shattering revelation. One in five New Zealand women experience sexual assault as an adult; one in three girls will be subjected to an unwanted sexual experience by the age of sixteen.

New state of art gondola for Mt Ruapehu

A new state of the art gondola is set to transform the Mt Ruapehu visitor experience.

Reduce your stress by simplifying the family schedule

Maggie Scott, Founder of app Parachutte and Melbourne Mum of two school aged kids, shares her tips for reducing your stress by simplifying the family schedule.

Do you approach the weekend with dread?

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