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Parents: Mind your drinking during lockdown - Cheers NZ

Online happy hour and internet drinks might be part of the ‘new normal’ for some but responsible drinking advocate Cheers NZ says lockdown shouldn’t mean drinking up.

'New platform provides Kiwis with agency to make change, in the wake of COVID-19'

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, a new online community has emerged that encourages Kiwis to take action and help build the future that they would like to see.

Be kind and courteous on busy river paths - council

Hamilton’s popular river paths are busier than ever as more people exercise locally, but not everyone is remembering to share with care.

The run of good weather and COVID-19 rules on exercising close to home are encouraging more people to get out onto the river paths.

Maramataka and Taonga Puoro education combine in new Facebook support page

Did you wake up one morning last week feeling lethargic for no reason? Did you feel as though the walls were closing in on you? You probably weren’t alone.

WWF New Zealand introduces the 'Wild at Home' Program

With everyone in lockdown and the family stuck at home, we would understand if your cheeky monkeys are climbing the walls. We have a solution though that, we hope, will help tame your wee beasts!

Active+ offers virtual physio for injured kiwis during lockdown

Active+, a 100% Kiwi owned physiotherapy and rehabilitation network, is offering virtual physio clinics for New Zealanders suffering from aches and pains during lockdown.

80 percent of NZ trainers and exercise facilities operating online - ExerciseNZ

Eighty 80 percent of trainers and exercise facilities in New Zealand are now operating online during the coronavirus lockdown, ExerciseNZ chief executive Richard Beddie estimates.

Clocks fall back 1 hour this weekend

This weekend is 49 hours long as New Zealand ends Daylight Saving and clocks fall back an hour.

For the purposes of making it easier to remember which way the clocks go this weekend we use the North American term for Autumn: "Fall".

Parenting tips for COVID-19 lockdown - expert

Children need reassurance and routine to help them adjust and cope with life under COVID-19 lockdown, and parents need to be flexible and responsive to possible behaviour changes in their youngsters, says a Massey University psychologist.

New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association appoints Chief Executive

The New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association has appointed keen hunter and highly experienced lawyer Gwyn Thurlow as the organisation’s Chief Executive and General Counsel.