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Advice for Kiwis battling back-to-work blues

Thousands of Kiwis are currently booking winter getaways to battle their back-to-work blues, and the Insurance Council is advising them to consider travel insurance when they book.

Kiwis and protein shakes - Canstar Blue

A recent report to come out of the USA has predicted that the global protein shake business is set to be worth a staggering (USD) $7.5billion by 2020. And, as their popularity also increases here in New Zealand, how much do we know about what they are and how we should use them?

Lawns - site of backyard environmental salvation?

Humanity’s often abusive relationship towards nature has culminated in concerns we have wrecked our Earth beyond repair, with climate change, ecological degradation and mass extinctions threatening the survival of life on the planet.

Lexus debuts new luxury crossover

An all new concept, the Lexus LF-1 Limitless, has debuted at the North American International Auto Show overnight.

Alfa Romeo Giulia opens 2018 with more awards

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has opened 2018 with yet more awards to add to its bulging trophy cabinet with awards from both sides of the Atlantic presented to the Giulia, with leading UK performance magazine ‘evo’ giving the Giulia not one, but two awards, and in the USA ‘Motor Trend’ lauding t

Sex in the workplace statistics for New Zealand

The ‘Sex in the Workplace’ Adulttoymegastore Kiwi Sex Survey results found that: 

- One in five New Zealanders have had sex with a colleague (22%)

- One in four Kiwis have kissed a colleague (26%)

- Over one in three Kiwis have flirted with a colleague (40%)

Exercise still number ine new year's resolution - Exercise NZ

Exercise is still the #1 new year’s resolution for most Kiwis, a leading New Zealand exercise expert says.

Exercise NZ chief executive Richard Beddie says just doing something is better than nothing, and people wary of huge fitness challenges should start with things they enjoy.

Poor and uneducated show up in river statistics

There’s new evidence released today by the Swim Fresh campaign that vulnerable New Zealanders are missing out on the Kiwi experience of being by fresh water.

The 'weirdest places people get nipped and tucked'

A cosmetic surgery nurse and founder of Trusted Surgeons shares what she has seen....

Gardening: Love your leeks

Love your leeks