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Global Citizens' Human Rights Coalition pledge to dismantle the CCK

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

"The Christian Council of Korea is a source of shame for the country and religion in global society"... 30,000 gathered at Gwanghwamun on the 27th

Around 100 civil society organisations and religious groups gathered together to call for the shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK for short), which is well known for its corruption and anti-nation, anti-society, and anti-religious actions.

The Global Citizens’ Human Rights Coalition to Call for the Shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK) (Secretary General Shinchang Kim) hosted a "Press Conference and Rally to Call for the Shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea (CCK), an Anti-Nation, Anti-Society, Anti-Religion, and Anti-Peace Organization" in Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul, on the 27th with around 30,000 citizens in attendance.

The Global Citizens’ Human Rights Coalition to Call for the Shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea is a coalition of about 100 organisations in Korea including the International Women’s Peace Human Rights Commission (Chairperson: Seoyeon Lee), Christian Association for Anti-Corruption National Movement (President: Hyangyeol Oh), IPYG Youth’s Human Rights Committee (steering committee member: Minhyeok Seo), World Buddhist Summit (representative in Korea, Monk Hyewon), among others. The Global Citizens’ Human Rights Coalition to Call for the Shutdown of the Christian Council of Korea revealed that with the upcoming CCK chairperson elections on the 29th and the CCK being granted indemnity for its various crimes due to its position as the "face" of Christianity in Korea, the day’s rally had been organized as a means to publicise the true nature of the CCK to the South Korean president, government, and the press.

The event communique stated that a) the CCK is an organisation that benefits the enemy, with its historical roots in the pro-Japanese Presbyterian Church which supported shrine worship; b) that over the past 10 years there were 12,000 convictions in which pastors of the CCK were declared guilty of murder, sexual abuse, fraud, etc.; c) that the CCK is responsible for causing murder by instigating coercive conversion programmes for profit; d) and that it is a hotbed of false news that divides the people and throws the nation into confusion, emphasizing that such actions on the part of the CCK are a disgrace in global society for religion as well as for the country.

The statement that followed denounced the CCK further, describing its pro-Japanese actions in the past, its history of active involvement in politics during the military rule of Korea when they showed support for amending the Constitution to allow for three consecutive terms as well as the Yushin Constitution, and the stark reality of money being the means used to gain votes for the CCK chairman elections and buy positions as pastors.

The CCK was especially charged with being concerned only with protecting its position of dominance, producing all kinds of false news in response to the growth of churches not registered in the CCK and accusing them of being cults, which brings about division and confusion within religious circles.

Furthermore, the absurd situation where the lives of the citizens are still being threatened due to coercive conversion programmes that continue despite the fact that two women have been killed as a result of them, was made known at the event. Members of beliefs that are not part of the mainstream religions are the target of these coercive conversion programmes.

In the press conference that followed, representatives of each organisation offered biting criticism regarding the anti-people, anti-human rights, anti-nation, anti-society actions of the CCK and called for active intervention on the part of the government.

They stated that "the actions of the CCK, a pro-Japanese turncoat organisation, prove that they themselves are the cult, and that they themselves are false pastors. This leads to grave reputational damage for our country and is a religious disgrace in global society as well.

"President Moon and his government should heed the voices of law-abiding citizens, and protect their human rights. We request the rapid enactment of a ‘law to ban and punish coercive conversion programmes’ to end coercive conversion which suppresses the God-given right to freedom of religion."

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