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World Indigenous People's Day: Maori blood speaks from the land - Destiny Church

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Today on World Indigenous Peoples Day should be a day to reflect on the inequalities that have given rise to the occupation at Ihumātao, and similar occupations around the globe, including Mauna Kea in Hawaii. This moment in time presents an opportunity to finally bring deep healing to generational hurts that have plagued our indigenous peoples for decades.

Destiny Church Leader Bishop Brian Tamaki says, "Māori and Indigenous peoples have suffered deeply from colonisation over the years, stripping them of their land, their way of life, culture, esteem and freedom! These violations, committed on all Indigenous First Peoples, unfortunately left a deep-wound that begins a bloodline curse through unresolved injustices, crying through the generations, for liberation and healing.

"After invasion from the colonisers, and many violations and injustices committed, our people were left in poverty, with loss of dignity and Mana, plagued with diseases; suffering from social, emotional, physical and spiritual abuse. Destructive addictions, crime, prisons, unemployment, and family breakdown, are the evidence of the Colonial Curse inflicted on our Indigenous Peoples.

"It is true that Māori are disproportionately represented in New Zealand's prison population, in poverty and poor health outcomes.It's true that land was stolen - all of these things are true of indigenous people around the world. Indigenous people make up five per cent of the world's population but represent 15 per cent of the poorest. We have a reason to be angry, but now it is time to move past our hurts, to find a place of healing, for the sake of the younger generations coming through.

"Our young people are frustrated. As they learn about their history and the violations that have occurred, they are looking for an outlet to express their pent up despair. We should not be surprised that Ihumātao has presented such a platform for our younger Māori to air their grievances on a national stage, and they’re gaining wide-spread momentum amongst their peers.

"Worldwide people are displaced, land-less and homeless, but here is a remarkable truth - these displaced people are mostly Indigenous peoples. This is why we have rising numbers of refugees, migrants, immigrants, fugitives and land-wars. People are roaming this planet displaced and dispossessed. There is a global unrest. You can’t settle in a land that has ‘Bad Blood’ on it.

"Indigenous peoples, including Māori, have a deep connection to their land. ‘We are the land, and the land is us!’ is common Māori thought! Indigenous peoples have a deep calling to be Guardians of the land (Kaitiaki). However, the spilt blood of our ancestors cries out from the earth. Ka rere te toto, ka korero te whenua! In Genesis the blood from the brother, and the injustice against him, cried out of the earth to God. ("…your brothers blood cries out to Me from the ground" Genesis 4:10) Blood speaks long after the body has gone. God hears it, so do people of the spirit!

"The Bad Blood that gives voice from the land, is that these unresolved injustices must now be healed and set free! Both the land and the people who belong to it, need good blood to deal with the bad blood."

Bishop Tamaki said, "The people of Ihumātao should be left to resolve their differences through peaceful negotiation, out of the glare of the media, so good blood can flow".

(Insert picture of book cover) Bishop Tamaki, in his book, ‘Rise of the Māori Nation’, brings greater understanding to these issues and writes, "But the good news is, it is time for the Indigenous and First People’s revolution of restoration across the planet. For the reproach to finally be lifted. Peoples who have suffered under years of tyranny from all colonial oppression, invasion and the numerous abuses that occurred because of it. God is wanting to do something astounding through Māori and the Indigenous Peoples of the earth!

"Right now an amazing phenomenon is sweeping this country where ManUp Tu Tangata and Legacy (Empowering Women) are reaching Māori in large numbers across New Zealand and Australia, healing generational hurts off the past, and helping people to find a place of forgiveness. Heal our hearts, then you heal our land! ManUp is liberating our Indigenous peoples.

"Our destiny is far bigger than our history! The pain of our history will bring power to our destiny!"

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