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Final vote count overturns one Thames Ward Councillor position

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

The final vote count from the local elections now sees Robyn Sinclair as the third (of three) Thames Ward Councillor, with two votes more than Alison Choppin, who after the preliminary vote count had been seven votes ahead of Ms Sinclair.

Ms Sinclair received 1653 votes and Ms Choppin 1651.

The final count includes the special votes, which were verified and counted in Wellington and released to our Council.

Any request for a recount must be lodged with the District Court within three days of the public notice of the final results, which was published in the Waikato Times today.

All other candidate placings remain the same as the preliminary results.

In all, 54.65 percent of electors in our district voted, more than in any local election since 2010, when 61.2 percent voted.

The turnout in 2016 was 53.08 percent and in 2013 it was 48.2 percent.

"Thank you to all the wonderful people of the Coromandel," says our Mayor Sandra Goudie.

"I’m so grateful for your support and delighted to work for you for another three years. We’re going to make sure we work on three key principles: respect for others, integrity and working collaboratively - because working together we can all do great things for this district," Mayor Sandra says.

"Hey! Let's get into it!"

(Click on the screen grab above to watch Mayor Sandra's video clip in YouTube.)

Next to each candidate's name is the number of votes they received and their ranking in the count.

Mayoral Candidates

Sandra Goudie - 7649 (1)

Len Salt - 4301

Ben Parsons - 857

Councillor Candidates

Coromandel-Colville WARD (One councillor elected from this ward)

John Morrissey - 695 (1)

Tony Brljevich - 450

Neville Cameron - 325

Mercury Bay WARD (Two councillors elected from this ward)

Murray McLean - 1948 (1)

Tony Fox - 1941 (2)

Debbie Farrell - 1658

Augusta (Gus) Macassey-Pickard - 1587

South Eastern WARD (Two councillors elected from this ward)

Gary Gotlieb - 1417 (1)

Terry Walker - 1380 (2)

Ken Coulam - 1252

Dave Ryan - 1151

Jan Bartley - 988

Thames WARD (Three councillors elected from this ward)

Sally Christie - 2479 (1)

Martin Rodley - 1787 (2)

Robyn Sinclair - 1653 (3)

Alison Choppin - 1651

Murray Wakelin - 1581

Rex Simpson - 1492

Community Board Candidates

Coromandel-Colville COMMUNITY BOARD (Four community board members elected from this ward)

Jan Autumn 974 (1)

Jean Ashby - 955 (2)

Peter Pritchard - 842 (3)

Kim Brett - 715 (4)

Pamela Grealey - 639

David Foreman - 336

Mercury Bay COMMUNITY BOARD (Four community board members elected form this ward)

Rekha Giri-Percival - 2488 (1)

Jeremy Lomas - 1928 (2)

Deli Connell - 1512 (3)

Bill McLean - 1418 (4)

Debbie Farrell - 1343

Leanne Quest - 1128

Leanne Petersen - 1029

David Harvey - 1005

Gilbert Bannan - 971

Graeme Matthews - 786

Tairua-Pauanui COMMUNITY BOARD successful elected members (these four candidates were automatically elected as they ran unopposed):

Warwick Brooks

Barry Swindles

Anne Stewart Ball

Chris New

Click here to see their statements.

Thames COMMUNITY BOARD (Four community board members elected from this ward)

Strat Peters - 2732 (1)

Cherie Staples - 2403 (2)

Sheryll Fitzpatrick - 2383 (3)

Peter Revell - 2358 (4)

Michael Brewerton - 1925

Whangamata COMMUNITY BOARD (Four community board members elected from this ward)

Dave Ryan - 1252 (1)

Ken Coulam - 1181 (2)

Kay Baker - 1050 (3)

Tamzin Letele - 914 (4)

Evelyn Adams - 798

Gaye Barton - 684

Helen McCabe - 679

Graeme Smith - 580

What happens next

Our current elected members remain in office until tomorrow - the day after the declaration of final results was publicly notified.

The new term’s elected members cannot act in their roles until they are sworn in on 31 October.

For more information on the elections, go to our website

The new term's schedule of Council and Community Board meetings will be announced soon.

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