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Operation Tauwhiro sees 987 firearms seized, 865 arrested - NZ Police

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Nā Ngā Pirihimana i whakarewa tētahi kaupapa ā-motu hei ārai i ngā tāngata hara e whiwhi pū, kei te kitea ngā hua nui, me te hia nei pū i hopukina.

Ko ngā pū e 987, tata ki te $5m ā-ukauka i hopukina, ā, e 865 ngā whakarautanga, koia hei whika matua o tētahi kaupapa a Ngā Pirihimana o Aotearoa e hāngai ana ki te tutū, ārai hoki i ngā taikaha ā-pū a ngā kēnge taihara me ngā kāhui hara.

He mea whakarewa a Operation Tauwhiro e te Kōmihana o Ngā Pirihimana, Andrew Coster hei kaupapa ā-motu mō ngā marama e ono.

I tēnā wā kua nui te pānga ki ngā mahi hara o ēnā rōpū.

Kia haere tonu tēnei mahi nunui, kei te tauākī a Toihau Coster i te rangi nei ka whakaroangia tēnei kaupapa nui.

E ai ki a Kōmihana Coster "kei te pēhi a Operation Tauwhiro i ngā tautete ā-kēnge mā te whakatūturu tere, hāngai hoki te titiro a Ngā Pirihimana," "Kei te whakamimiti hoki tēnei kaupapa i te mōrearea mā te tango i ngā pū a ngā tangata hara me te ārai atu kia kore ai e whiwhi pū."

"Kei te mahi Ngā Pirihimana ki te ārai i ngā pū kia kore ai e whiwhi i ngā kēnge toihara me ngā rōpū toihara.

Nā konā, me mahi tahi me ngā haumi umanga kāwanatanga, ngā toa pū, karapu pū, me ngā tāngata kua whiwhi raihana pū ki te whakakati i te whakawhiti o ngā pū nō tētahi mana tūturu, ki tangata kē atu i ngā mahi toihara, me ngā mōrearea ā-pū.

Nō tēnei mahi e haere ana, kei te haere tonu ngā tūhuratanga ki te maha o ngā mahi hara.

Āpiti atu te mahi whakaū ture, kei te mahi tahi Ngā Pirihimana me ngā hapori ki te whakaiti, whakahaere, whakamauru hoki i te hua o ngā rōpū toihara me te mōrearea ā-pū ka pā ki ngā whānau me ngā hapori.

Kei te whakahaerehia tēnei mā Operation Tauwhiro hei wāhanga o te Rautaki Toihara ā-Rōpū a Ngā Pirihimana i whakarewaina i te Hanuere 2021.

Ko tētahi wāhanga matua o te rautaki, kia whai i ngā toihara ā-rōpū, ngā tāngata e whakaū nei i tērā, me ngā hua kino ka pāngia.

He maha ngā āhuatanga o te mahi ngātahi ki te hapori, me ngā kaupapa ārai, e ai ki ngā pīrangi o te rohe.

Hei tauira, i te Hūrae i whakahuitia ngā tāngata e 100 nō te hapori o Māngere hei kōrero mō ētahi whakatika ka mahi ā-haporitia mō ngā tuatete o ngā kēnge me ngā hara ā-pū i te rohe.

I ngā hapori taiwhenua kei te mahi ngātahi Ngā Pirihimana ki ngā ratonga o reira ki te whakaako, whakamōhio hoki i ngā tāngata e pā ana ki te whakamahi haumaru i ngā pū, te kaitiakitanga me ngā haepapa, ā, kia māmā te whai wāhi atu a ngā kiriwara e noho ana i ngā hapori taratahi, ki ngā ratonga e tika ana mō rātou me ō rātou whānau.

Hei tā Kōmihana Coster "he pai ngā ngā kōrerorero, me ngā kōrerorero e tū mai nei ki ngā haumi me te hapori." kei te pīrangi pārongo e Ngā Pirihimana e pā ana ki ngā āwangawanga i ngā mahi toihara, te pupuri pū turekore rānei i tō rātou hapori.

Me ripoata ā-ipurangi ki, Waea atu ki Ngā Pirihimana mā 105, kōrero puku atu rānei ki Crimestoppers mā 0800 555 111,

Ka whakahaere tonu a Operation Tauwhiro tae noa ki te 1 o Maehe 2022.

Ngā hua i te 27 Akuhata 2021

Ngā pū i hopukina - 987

Ngā ukauka i hopukina - $4.99m

Ngā whakarau - 865.

He raraunga rangitahi nā te mea he mataora tonu ngā kōrero, nā reira nō ngā kōrero hou ka tae mai ka taea te panoni.

Kei konei te Rautaki Toihara Ā- RōpÅ«:

Operation Tauwhiro sees 987 firearms seized, 865 arrested

A national operation launched by Police earlier this year aiming to prevent firearms getting in the hands of criminals is seeing significant results, with hundreds of firearms seized.

987 firearms seized, nearly $5m in cash seized, and 865 arrests are the key figures from a New Zealand Police operation focused on disrupting and preventing firearms-related violence by criminal gangs and organised crime groups.

Operation Tauwhiro was launched in February by Commissioner of Police Andrew Coster as a six-month national operation.

In that time it has had a significant impact in targeting the harm caused by those groups - and is why Commissioner Coster is today announcing an extension for a further six months, to continue this important work.

"Operation Tauwhiro is suppressing gang tensions by ensuring that groups using firearms-related violence receive the immediate and focused attention of Police," Commissioner Coster says.

"The operation is also reducing harm by removing firearms from criminals and preventing them from getting firearms in the first place."

"Police have been working to stop guns getting into the hands of criminal gangs and organised crime groups.

This means working closely with our government partner agencies, with gun retailers, gun clubs and firearms licence holders to shut down the diversion of firearms from legitimate ownership to the possession of those involved in criminal activity and firearms-related violence."

This work continues as investigations into a range of associated offending are ongoing.

In addition to enforcement action, Police are working with communities to reduce, manage and mitigate the effect of organised crime and gun violence on whānau and communities.

This is being done via Operation Tauwhiro as part of Police’s Organised Crime Strategy, launched in January 2021.

A key element of the strategy is to address organised crime, its social drivers, and the harm it causes.

Community engagement and prevention initiatives take different forms across the country depending on what is needed in those areas.

For example, in July Police joined approximately 100 people from the Māngere community to discuss community-driven solutions to gang tensions and gun-related crimes in the area. In rural communities Police have been partnering with local providers to educate and inform members of the public about aspects of safe firearms use, ownership and responsibilities, and to ensure people who are living in more isolated communities who may be suffering from addiction can more easily gain access to the right services for themselves and their whānau.

"We appreciate the positive conversations we have had, and continue to have, with our partners and the community," Commissioner Coster says.

Police welcomes information from anyone who has concerns about organised crime, or the illegal possession of firearms in their community.

They are encouraged to report online at, call Police on 105, or report anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or

Operation Tauwhiro will run until March 1, 2022.

Results as at 27 August 2021

Firearms seized - 987

Cash seized - $4.99m

Arrests - 865

The data is provisional as it is drawn from live collection and is therefore subject to change as further information becomes available.

The Organised Crime Strategy can be found here:


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