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64 Beached Pilot Whales Die In NZ - 700 Slaughtered In Faroe Islands

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Faroe Island Whale Cull
Faroe Island Whale Cull

New Zealand/Faroe Islands/Germany - 64 beached pilot whales died in New Zealand and animal rights activist saved the surviving 9 marine mammals. While in another part of the world, namely in the Faroe Islands hundreds of pilot whales are being brutally hunted and slaughtered.

Kimberley Muncaster, head of the New Zealand whale protection organization, reported that the surviving whales were in bad physical condition, but she hope that they overlife. Since most of the animals beached during the night before, nobody was around to help them and, therefore, 64 of them died.

While in New Zealand animal lovers try their utmost to help the beached whales, two German whale protection activists visited the Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic, to protect pilot whales there. During the months of June and July almost 700 pilot whales were hunted in a barbaric manner and cruelly slaughtered for meat and blubber.

The unused portions are filling the freezers.

Juergen Ortmueller (56/tax advisor) and Andreas Morlok (44/author and management consultant) flew onto the Islands camouflaged as anglers to mix with the local fishermen. The Faroese are following their own laws which are passed down by the local authority which controls the hunting of whales. The two pseudo anglers from Germany, however, could uncover several scandalous acts performed by the local fishermen. In July, the inhabitants of Husavik, a village with a population of 125 people (incl. babies and old people), tried to kill a pod of pilot whales 193 head strong. Because there were not enough hunters available to participate in the killing, the fishermen had to halt the slaughter at night. To prevent the whales from escaping they tied the tail flukes of the remaining 24 whales to boats and then continued with the slaughter the following morning.

On hearing about this, the two German activists chartered a speedboat and sank electronic devices emitting sounds that imitate the call of an orca in the waters off the Eastern coast of the Faroe Islands at August, 3rd - long time before Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) do the same now. Pilot whales are deadly afraid of killer whales and stay away from them. This way the pilot whales were discouraged to go near the islands. Since this action not a single whale was sighted near the east coast of the Faroe Islands.

These two activists, who also participate in actions for the Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum (WDSF) as well as for the organization ProWal have uncovered several more scandalous acts on the islands of the whale murderers and have taken about 1000 photos and undercover video and audio recordings. They are now in the process of presenting this devastating material to the mother country Denmark so that this horrible cruelty toward the pilot whale population may finally come to an end.

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