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After Protest Lidl Stops Selling Tickets For Dolphinariums

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Fuseworks Media
After Protest Lidl Stops Selling Tickets For Dolphinariums

(Germany - 2010-11-24) After the organizations "Whale and Dolphin Protection Forum (WDSF)" and ProWal protested against selling of tickets for the Dolphinarium in Harderwijk, Holland, by the food store chain Lidl, the headquarters (Lidl International) in Neckarsulm (Germany) responded promptly yesterday and canceled the sale.

Since many years the WDSF and ProWal demands internationally to close the dolphin shows, because they are a part of the reason for the slaughter of 20,000 dolphins in the coastal areas in Japan. They select and sell the most beautiful and strongest animals to dolphin shows during the dolphin drive hunts. A trained dolphin makes approximately $ 150,000 - a dolphin for sale to restaurants and supermarkets, only about $ 600. Only the lucrative trade with the show dolphins keep up the bloody slaughter of the intelligent marine mammals, the WDSF says.

Thomas Moessner, Lidl's spokesman, informed the WDSF today by e-mail that "Lidl is aware about the responsibility on issues such as the protection of whales and dolphins." Moessner: "Meanwhile we have removed all the tickets from the sale and also decided that we will offer no tickets to dolphinariums in the future anymore."

WDSF and ProWal are supported in its actions by the world famous dolphin protector Ric O'Barry, who won an Oscar for the documentary film "The Cove" this year ( Jrgen Ortmller manager from WDSF to Lidl's decision: "After Lidl had committed to sale only "dolphin-friendly tuna", this means that their suppliers of canned food have to be members of the American Institute of Earth Iceland (EII-Director Ric O'Barry) it will be a glaring contradiction that Lidl offers tickets for captured dolphins. We are happy for the immediate statement from Lidl and that they have come to the conclusion of their erratic behavior."

With intensive intervention WDSF had already achieved that almost all of the German tour operators do not longer offer Tours to the Turkish Riviera Dolphinariums. The Dolphinarium of the "Allwetter Zoo" in Mnster announced after years of pressure by the WDSF and ProWal the closing of the Dolphinarium in 2012. The zoo gives reasons for the closing with too expensive licensing requirements and orders. The WDSF spoke also with the highest inspectorate and had made a demand of a new million dollar roof for the Dolphinarium, because otherwise the housing conditions have been broken.

ProWal-Chief Andreas Morlok: " Dolphinariums are obsolete and we will do everything that dolphins remain in the wild and are not confined in small tanks."

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