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Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor

The Ku Klux Klan has been around since about 1850 and apparently they aren't too fond of black fellas or those Jewish chaps, and a recent newspaper article states that there is an active chapter of the group in Auckland currently recruiting members. 

After almost of 150 years of existence, the Ku Klux Klan are pretty much the original bad boy of social groups, kinda like the Ozzy Osbourne of music, all fear is based on past incidents, but now, again like Ozzy, the KKK is a bumbling old man who can't get into his pants or put on his white robe without help. The proof is in the membership, which, according to Wikipedia (the sort of kid you knew at school who pretended to know everything but you realised he didn't after you checked out his info) is fast dwindling.

People form groups. It's human nature. We do so to find others out there with the same ideals, opinions and prejudices. From the harmless-nerdish comic book clubs, to the helpful Alcoholics Anonymous, to the goal oriented Al Qaeda, to the cranky feminist groups, they're all there.  

Everybody hates sometimes. If you disagree, checkout Facebook. There are groups for people to sign up to if they hate a certain celeb, like Bindi Irwin or Bono, for example. There's even a group that's anti-KKK, with members expressing how much they hate the KKK. No reason. They just do. Who would have thought; a hate group who is dedicated to hating the original 'hate group'. I refer to the KKK as a 'hate group' this way because, after a touch of research, it has become clear to me they are more of a separatist group - they want to keep all races separate, according to a website of theirs, and that is why they scared off the black fellas back in the hardcore redneck days in the USA, back when the KKK actually meant something.   

Former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard and now born-again Christian (go figure, hey) Johnny Lee Clary told Radio New Zealand about the current Auckland recruitment drive. The group is targeting the less fortunate youths of the city, white youths. Now, call me crazy, but does this recruitment sound like a really bad idea? Recruiting youths to the KKK who probably have Maori mates is like trying to recruit the Queen to join your online gaming community, it is just plain ridiculous. They must be getting pretty desperate. Point and laugh at the funny white-robed men, kids. Point and laugh.  

The KKK needs to move on. No one can be bothered being racist anymore. It's all online hate these days. The Ku Klux Klan Facebook group is smaller than I expected probably because those in the KKK are too stupid to learn how to turn on a computer, let alone connect to the Internet. Joining a hate group in reality or on cyberspace takes serious consideration. Surely, we've all been brought up to believe that nobody hates. It's too strong a word, that hate word. But nowadays, we all hate. We all hate something or someone. Perhaps that's why the world is in the state it is in, and will always be.

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