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Aucklanders Support Public Transport Strategy - Poll

Voxy Newswire
Voxy Newswire
Aucklanders Support Public Transport Strategy - Poll

The AA has released the results of a survey of 6,030 AA Members in Auckland on local transport issues.

“This is the most comprehensive survey on Auckland transport issues for many years and provides decision makers with an indication of the views of motorists,” says AA spokesperson Simon Lambourne.

The results of the survey include:

Alternative Harbour Crossing

· 56.4% of Members surveyed expressed support for a tunnel as the alternative harbour crossing and 31% supported a bridge – but 85% considered the cost as important, very important or extremely important when deciding which type of crossing should be built.

· 47.5% said they would support paying a $4 toll on an alternative harbour crossing, but that dropped to only 8.2% for a $6 toll.

Auckland Harbour Bridge


· 93.1% of Members surveyed support keeping the existing Auckland Harbour Bridge and 71.4% would not support a new $4-$6 toll being put on it.


Regional Transport Priorities


· 73.4% of Members surveyed supported the existing regional land transport strategy, which emphasises public transport and completing the state highway network within 10 years.


· 65.3% would use a bus if they could not use their car, 64.8% ranked bus services as the most important public transport mode in Auckland, 74.7% want more or much more emphasis on buses if the regional land transport strategy is amended, and only 29.7% said current bus services were good or excellent.


· Only 15.2% would use a train if they could not use their car, even though 81.4% wanted more or much more emphasis on trains if the regional land transport strategy is amended. 82.5% supported Rail to the Airport and 43.3% said it was the most important of the three rail projects (Rail to Airport, Centre City Rail Link, and North Shore Rail Link), while 76.7% supported the Centre City Rail Link and 38.6% said it was the most important of the three rail projects.



· 54.2% of Members surveyed supported central government being the main funding contributor to Auckland public transport improvements (i.e. through general taxation). 45.7% supported local government being the second most important contributor (i.e. through household or targeted rates). 30.8% supported motorists being the third most important contributor (i.e. through tolls and other charges). 42.4% supported public transport users being the fourth most important contributor (i.e. through higher ticket prices).


· 54% disagreed or strongly disagreed with motorists contributing additional funding to improve Auckland’s public transport, while 34.9% agreed or strongly agreed, and 11.1% did not know.

“The AA has provided the Council with initial feedback on the key transport proposals. However, we believe the discussion document lacks essential information that is needed to make an informed decision about many of the proposals contained within it,” says Mr Lambourne.

“The AA has advised the Council that we are not in a position to indicate support or opposition to the spatial plan’s key transport proposals at this time, and that we will provide a more definitive response when further information becomes available.” 


The online survey has a margin of error of 1.3% and was conducted 12-20 May 2011 to inform the AA’s submission on the Auckland Council spatial plan discussion document. The survey was independently audited in order to identify and avoid bias and ambiguity.

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