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Bush Or No Bush? That Is The Question

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Dyani Ellwood
Dyani Ellwood

The British backpacker who survived 12-days in Australia's Blue Mountains sure knows when to keep his mouth shut -  when there's news that a potential windfall is coming his way - $1,000,000.00. 

There has been speculation broadcast by various media that Jamie Neale didn't infact get lost at all - he staged the whole lost thing.

If indeed he did, you've got to hand it to him for orginality - I mean, it's been a few months since we've had a bush survival story rattle the media, the timings about spot on.

Brisbane anaesthetist, Paul Luckin, told the Age newspaper that a person could survive being lost in the bush for two weeks or more if he had water - food isn't a main priority.

Neale was missing 12 days and, according to Lukin, so long as he mananged to construct some shelter and find water, and not move around too much, there is nothing to say he wouldn't survive.

Why then are the police saying words like 'his story appeared true' and, 'there's nothing at this stage to say what he has said is not right, nothing at all." (Blue Mountains Police Commander, Yahoo News).

Has something (a missing factor) etched a certain amount of skeptisim into the police officers in charge of this case for them to be making public announcements like so?  Or is it just simple protocol to treat every missing person as a possible liar until a certain number of days have passed, and the story as lost appeal?

Neale, from what I can gather, is obviously a fit, able and go-getter type person.  And a big congrats to him for making it big on the headlines.  Because of  a. being a really crafty hero, managing to pull-off a global hoax, earning him a million for his 'fake' story; or b. for showcasing his natural ability as a super-man hero for withstanding 12 days in the bush - in a strange country.  Either way, I think he can have his cake (million) and eat it too.





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