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Earthquake Aftermath: If you're not being helpful, piss off.

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Reports of domestic violence have soared in earthquake-affected areas since Saturday. To be fair (as previously discussed) women are probably getting what they deserve for causing the earthquake anyway and it’s all very stressful for the men. But then, domestic violence is reported to also increase when the All Blacks choke. Is the trauma of a lost rugby game on par with the devastation of this earthquake? (Justification for increased domestic violence during rugby season can be provided depending upon who they lose against and at what point in the season). When things in life get tough, as of course they do from time to time, you have the opportunity to either do good things to help one another out... or be a total pain in the ass.

Since the initial relief that massive death and injury were luckily avoided, moods have shifted to frustration and fear. Worn down, tired and reduced to tears, perhaps violence is a natural progression and it takes a really special kind of person to maintain an aura of comfort and support others. But that is exactly what is needed and I don’t doubt the ability is in everyone to play nice. As others may flee for much needed respite and release, if you’re choosing to remain in Christchurch - whether your now homeless or not - I’m reasonably confident that there is a wide range of helpful things you can do apart from looting, getting violent, exploiting the situation for financial gain and generally exacerbating existing tensions.

Despite the earthquake itself being compared to the one that affected Haiti, sympathy has not yet reached the level where George Clooney will organize a telethon for us, dammit. Angelina Jolie is currently busy with Pakistan flood victims and the major concern on everybody’s mind in the North Island is: "Will the Metallica concert still go ahead?" So it’s up to the immediate community to work together on this. (To give John Key credit, he has postponed tea and crumpets with the Queen in Scotland to inspect the damage... I bet he's sort of pissed about the timing though.)

If a homeless dude in the States has the insight to call 911 asking for "a hug and a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it” then I would hope that other people who have been put out of their homes also have the ability to recognize the very real need for a little bit of love and warm fuzzies. Unlike the outcome of the homeless guy's call for help (arrested for trespassing - I said he was insightful not smart) this is an opportunity for those in a position to help to put the billy on and whip out the chocolate fish for those in need. If you’re not spreading the love, best you leave Christchurch and take some time out to chill. From now on, it’s just good vibrations. 

("I know God will not give me anything that I can't handle... I just wish he wouldn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa).

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