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Hatred And Bigotry Still Very Much In Existence

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Adrian Musolino
Adrian Musolino

Last week I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and was surprised by the amount of security upon entry that included metal detectors and bag screening. Why such measures are taken became painfully obvious this week with shooting of a guard at the museum.

The identified suspect has been named as James von Brunn, an accused anti-Semitic racist who has been linked to extremist groups. 

As he entered he opened fire and fatally wounded a security guard before being restrained and wounded himself. 

The attack appears to have been motivated by the attackers ideologies and he acted alone. 

It’s a terrible reminder of the hatred and bigotry that fuels some people.

The museum is dedicated to remembering what can happen when such hatred develops and spreads to the extent that it manifests itself into legislation and leads to unimaginable crimes on such a grand scale.  

Its collection is a confronting and stark remainder of the Holocaust, in all its darkness from the rise of Nazism in Germany, the beginning of anti Jewish propaganda to its escalation that lead to the concentration camps and mass exterminations. 

That such an attack should take place at the museum is a terrible irony, a place that should be respected as a place of remembrance for the deceased and reminder of what mankind is capable of.  

The thing that always strikes me most about the Holocaust having studied it extensively at University and written about it in a thesis is the fact it took place six decades ago.

It wasn’t a crime committed centuries, thousands or hundreds of years ago but within a matter of decades. 

Should you visit the Holocaust museum or the like reflect on the amount of security you pass to enter the complex and why it is there. 

The same type of hatred, racism and bigotry that fuelled the deplorable acts of those who committed mass genocide during the Second World War is still in the hearts and minds of some who live among us today.

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