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New Zealand imports diseased pork for consumption

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

This is really gross and I wonder how keen you’ll be on your bacon after reading about it. It’s very important though, so you have to read on.

My Mum and her partner had their boss over for dinner the other night. Mum’s partner works on a pig farm in the South Island and his boss has been part of a group, fighting MAF in court, trying to prevent pork from being imported into our country that carries a certain level of disease that New Zealand does not have.

MAF intends to alter pork import standards so that fresh pork coming into the country doesn't have to undergo heat treatment anymore. This essential heat treatment is what kills the disease “Porcine Reproductive and Respirator Syndrome” (PRRS). For pigs, this is considered to be like the equivalent of the human AIDS virus. If New Zealand was to experience an outbreak of this disease amongst our pigs, our pork industry would be annihilated. Not to mention… do you really want to be eating imported pork products that contains traces of this disease? I didn’t think so…

If this wasn’t bad enough, understand that we are not really made aware of what imported pork consists of anyway. If it has been genetically modified, this knowledge is not made public. I like to think that Kiwis pride ourselves on farming standards and quality, yet this imported pork can come from very substandard conditions. In New Zealand, substandard farming would be prosecuted by MAF and the SPCA, but we will happily import their products. Support LOCAL! If you buy pork, I urge you to READ THE LABELS. If you aren’t buying home grown, leave it on the shelf.

Not even our Australian buddies over the ditch can be trusted, what goes on there is pretty sick… according to the vet of my pig farmer source, before sows in Australia are impregnated, they are surgically implanted with a capsule containing growth hormone. When the sow is pregnant, this capsule slowly releases the hormone, causing the piglets to grow faster. Once the sow is slaughtered, the capsule is removed so it doesn’t accidentally get ground up with her meat and made into sausages. Sick! Yet we turn a blind eye to these practices that aren’t allowed here… just so we can keep our healthy green image? Hypocrites!

Unfortunately our pig farming friends lost their battle in court against MAF, so are now fighting to overturn the ruling. I really hope they can do it and I urge New Zealanders to get behind the local pig farmers, make some noise and support them.

From the New Zealand government’s point of view, our pig industry is very small and we are under pressure to change our ways, from countries like China, Australia and others. From the point of view of a healthy human being, this is just plain sick and harmful to our awesome country. A classic case of a government knowing the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

BE INFORMED (check out my embedded links) and if you don't agree with MAF's working policies around importation of pork, please register your disapproval with your local MP or MAF.

Write MAF a nasty strongly worded letter here:

Tell John Key this is ratshit on his Facebook page here:

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