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Welfare Reform Wins Support Of Victims Group

Voxy Newswire
Voxy Newswire

National’s proposed crackdown on welfare and long term beneficiaries has been applauded by a Victims lobby group.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust says the reforms are very welcome and will help reduce the level of crime and ultimately the number of victims.

Trust Spokesman Garth McVicar said the current welfare system had become a ‘launching pad’ for many career criminals. “The welfare system has encouraged and funded failure. It has destroyed hope and created criminals and many thousands of victims.”

“While we totally understand and support giving people in need a hand-up we are vehemently opposed to the current system which has evolved to a hand-out mentality.”

Mr. McVicar said, “Many beneficiaries see their welfare payment as ‘pay-day’ and something they had earned and were fully entitled to as of right.”

“If the State is paying the ‘wages’ then the beneficiary must agree to the same terms and conditions as employees in any other industry are required to do. That may be compulsory drug testing or reporting to ‘work’ at a required time and place.”

“Allowing beneficiaries to stay home and simply wait for the next ‘pay-day’ is creating a cesspool environment that has caused most of the social failings facing New Zealand today.”

“Escalating violent crime and prison population is just one of the outcomes of this failed social experiment.”

“No one in their right mind could argue the welfare system has achieved any of its goals. Poverty, domestic violence, child abuse and crime have flourished under the modern day welfare system yet we were led to believe that welfare would be the panacea to cure all such ills.”

“Many are still saying more money will solve the problem but evidence proves that throwing money at the problem has in fact simply created a bigger problem.”

“The state can never replace personal responsibility and the attempt to do so has destroyed the dreams of thousands of people who want financial independence, to own their own home and raise a proud, patriotic and prosperous family.”

“Welfare has not only destroyed those dreams, it has created many thousands of victims who have been preyed upon by the social welfare creation – criminals.”

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