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Australians Face Work And Financial Pressures

29 October 2008 - In the last year the number of workers struggling to cope on their household income has increased by four per cent according to the latest research from the University of Sydney.

Defective Gene Puts Middle Aged Males At Risk

29 October 2008 - Heart disease and heart attacks are the main 'killers' in New Zealand, with some 30,000 people being admitted to hospitals every year with heart problems.

Recidivist Offender Made To Pay For Underage Cigarette Sales

29 October 2008 - The owner of the Turangi convenience store Sanjay's Selection has received one of the biggest court-ordered fines dished out for selling tobacco to people under the age of 18.

Boy's Kidnap Trial Starts Tomorrow

Wellington, Oct 28 NZPA - The prosecution will open its case tomorrow in the trial of two people accused of the abduction of a boy from Hamilton Public Library two years ago.

Witness Tells Of Last Hours Of Little Nia's Life

Rotorua, Oct 28 NZPA - Two school-aged children in the house where Rotorua toddler Nia Glassie lived were also physically and verbally abused by four of the five adults charged over Nia's death, the High Court at Rotorua was told today.

Murder, Rape Accused Pours Scorn On Scientific Evidence

Murder, Rape Accused Pours Scorn On Scientific Evidence

Christchurch, Oct 28 NZPA - Liam James Reid today dismissed forensic scientific evidence linking him to a rape and murder in Christchurch and rape and attempted murder in Dunedin.

`Show-Off' Killer Driver Escapes Jail Sentence

Christchurch, Oct 28 NZPA - A teenager has got home detention for the high-speed showing off that cost the life of 20-year-old Elizabeth Hart as she was crossing a Christchurch road.

Retired Army Officer Blames Wife For $1m Frauds

Christchurch, Oct 28 NZPA - A retired army major is blaming his ex-wife for a series of frauds that cost investors almost $1 million.

His wife, Jennifer Margaret McIntyre, has already pleaded guilty to the fraud charges.

Letting Private Insurance Loose On ACC Is Nonsense - CTU

Letting Private Insurance Loose On ACC Is Nonsense - CTU

"Letting the private insurance industry loose on workplace accident cover is utter nonsense, a point further highlighted by the recent problems in global financial markets," said Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly, in welcoming Labour's commitment today for a fully public ACC scheme.

248 Investors Pursue Vestar

248 Investors Pursue Vestar

The number of disaffected investors to register their interest with the Exposing Unacceptable Financial Activities group in pursuing action against Vestar has grown to 248.