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Sixteen Possible 1080 Poison Letters Investigated

3 July 2008 - Wellington Police are now aware of 16 suspicious letters inferred to contain 1080 poison being sent to local body, central government agency and private business addresses.

Uncalled For Undermining Of The Maternity And Midwifery Services In NZ

3 JULY 2008 - "The New Zealand College of Midwives is extremely concerned at the unprecedented undermining of the midwifery profession in the last few days.

International Acclaim For Vincent Ward's Rain Of The Children

3 July 2008 - Vincent Ward's Rain of the Children has received stunning reviews after its world premiere, where it screened in competition at the Sydney Film Festival.

Result Of Investigation Into Drug Use Allegations

3 July 2008 - Charges brought against six junior New Zealand Defence Force personnel alleged to have used drugs in Bamyan, Afghanistan, in March this year have been dismissed.

Hell Buys Man's Soul On Trademe

Hell Buys Man's Soul On Trademe

3 July 2008 - "Sold to the man dressed as the Grim Reaper." It's not your everyday sale. Following an auction for Wanganui man Walter Scott's soul on internet auction site Trademe, HELL Pizza have offered Mr. Scott $5001.00 in return for his soul, which he has duly accepted.

Intruder Assaults Teenage Girl

3 July 2008 - A teenage girl in Papanui woke just after midnight to find an unknown man in her bedroom this morning.

Avoid Travelling Tomorrow Morning If Possible, Says Transit

3 July 2008 - Transit New Zealand in urging motorists in the main centres to avoid travelling during tomorrow's morning rush hour if possible or, if they must travel, allow extra time for their journeys.

Consultation On Bridal Creeper Rust

3 July 2008 - ERMA New Zealand is gathering information about a proposal to legalise bridal creeper rust, Puccinia myrsiphylli, a fungus disease that attacks the unwanted weed bridal creeper (Asparagus asparagoides).

Bar Manager Convicted

3 July 2008 - A former Auckland bar manager was sentenced to three months home detention and 50 hours community service for theft and failing to bank gaming machine profits.

Guidelines For Native Plants Launched

3 July 2008 - Acting mayor Gary Troup launched Manukau Parks' guidelines for restoring native plants in Barry Curtis Park earlier this week.