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Two Regional Hospitals Battle Suspected Norovirus Outbreaks

Wellington, April 24 NZPA - Visitors have been asked to stay away from two regional hospitals as they battle suspected outbreaks of the highly contagious stomach bug norovirus.

One Of Kidnap Accused Trio Pleads Guilty

Wellington, April 24 NZPA - One of the three teenagers arrested for the gunpoint kidnapping of a couple in Taranaki earlier this month has pleaded guilty.

55 Test Positive For Tb Germs After Contact With Hospital Carer

Wellington, April 24 NZPA - Fifty-five people have tested positive to germs that cause tuberculosis, after being exposed to a Wellington health carer infected with the potentially deadly disease.

Health Food Stores Give Harmful Advice To "Sick" Man - Report

Wellington, April 24 NZPA - Health food store staff need formal training to ensure people with serious medical complaints are not given substandard advice, an article in the NZ Medical Journal argues.

Blood Covered Rifle Had David Bain's Print On - Witness

Blood Covered Rifle Had David Bain's Print On - Witness

Christchurch, April 23 NZPA - A police fingerprint expert told the jury in the trial of David Bain that the rifle used to kill five members of the Bain family had sharp and very recent fingerprints in blood belonging to David.

Lawyer Gets Out Of Jail Because Of Difficult Pregnancy

Wellington, April 23 NZPA - An Auckland lawyer, sentenced to three years' jail earlier this month for fraudulently taking nearly $200,000 from clients, has been released on bail because she is going through a difficult pregnancy.

Jurors Told To Keep Open Mind Over Charges Faced By Ex-MP

Jurors Told To Keep Open Mind Over Charges Faced By Ex-MP

Auckland, April 23 NZPA - A jury has been told former MP Taito Phillip Field has been through close to a public witchhunt and to keep an open mind when considering charges against him.

High Tea & Highlights: An Afternoon With The Royal New Zealand Ballet

23 APRIL 2009 - Heritage Hotels are delighted to support the Advance Dance Guild in Auckland fund raising event for the Royal New Zealand Ballet. The high tea will be held on Sunday 17 May at 2.30 pm in Heritage Auckland's gorgeous roof top Grand Tearoom.

Aranui To Celebrate Turnaround

23 APRIL 2009 - Aranui's ten-year bid to turn itself into a strong and safe place to live in has been deemed an ongoing success in a qualitative research undertaken last year.

Bounty's Cannon Returned To Pitcairn

23 APRIL 2009 - A cannon recovered from the watery grave of the HMS Bounty has been returned to Pitcairn Island .

The cannon had been lying on the seabed at Bounty Bay until it was recovered 10 years ago by a team from the Museum of Tropical Queensland .