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Wellingtonians Face Tough New Year Rating Choices

Wellingtonians Face Tough New Year Rating Choices

3 January 2009 - A Facebook page, a phone hotline, a residents' panel - just three of the ways the Wellington City Council aims to get residents' views in the New Year about the tough spending and rating choices the city faces in coming years.

Men Accused Of Christmas Day Rape Remanded In Custody

Wellington, Jan 3 NZPA - The two Indian men arrested for the alleged rape of a Hawera woman on Christmas Day have been remanded in custody.

Biofuel makes Aviation Debut

The World’s first commercial aviation test flight was a resounding success according to Dave Morgan, Chief Pilot for Air New Zealand.

In a two hour test flight, one of the 747’s engines was powered by a 50/50 blend of standard fuel with synthetic fuel made from the oil of jatropha plant seeds. This test of a second generation biofuel follows the testing of a Virgin Atlantic flight last year, which utilised coconut and babassu oil instead. This test flight was a joint venture involving Air New Zealand, Boeing, Rolls-Royce and Honeywell Company UOP, with support from Terasol Energy and according to the Chief Executive of Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe; it was a significant milestone toward a more environmentally sustainable company. Thanks to this test however, it is a milestone for more than just the company. With corporate entities not only acknowledging the alternatives to fossil fuels but actually attempting to use them commercially, this is a significant step for the planet toward a more sustainable future.

Men Charged With Rape Granted Bail

Wellington, Jan 1 NZPA - Two restaurant workers appeared in New Plymouth District Court today charged with the rape of a Hawera woman.

Indian nationals Kumwar Singh, 34, and Kamal Singh, 30, were charged with sexually violating a 22-year-old Hawera woman early on Christmas Day.

Equine Influenza Horse Property Registration

Horse import restrictions are being loosened to allow competition and racing to continue across the Tasman.  While Australia is currently free of Equine Influenza again, we should all be vigilant against the possibility of another outbreak.

Imugene And Merial Establish Strategic Alliance

Imugene And Merial Establish Strategic Alliance

Merial to develop vaccine candidates from Imugene's portfolio through to commercial sales

Man Arrested After Car Hits Pedestrian Appears In Court

Auckland, Dec 31 NZPA - A man has appeared in court on drink driving charges after a pedestrian was seriously injured when hit by a car in west Auckland this morning.

The Trials Of A Witness

Christchurch, Dec 31 NZPA - A young man has been urged by the judge to keep co-operating with the police, in the hope that his misfortunes might eventually be over.

They weren't looking much like ending when he was arrested on warrant yesterday and held in custody overnight.

Month In Custody For Insolent Teen

Christchurch, Dec 31 NZPA - A teenager's rude gesture in turning his back on the judge as he stood in the dock was followed up with his family swearing and cursing at the judge and the police as he faced a one-month remand in custody.

New Year A Good Time To Get Your Finances On Track

New Year A Good Time To Get Your Finances On Track

This New Year, there's extra help available on for Kiwis who want to get their finances on track in 2009.

Retirement Commissioner Diana Crossan says New Year is a good time to make some financial plans for the year ahead.