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Abortion not a reproductive health issue - Right to Life

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The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in February directed the Minister of Justice to instruct the Law Commission to make changes to "ensure our abortion laws are consistent with treating abortion as a health issue that is a reproductive choice for women, rather than as a criminal issue."

The operative words are health and choice. The inference is that this review is all about protecting and promoting women’s health. Right to Life challenges this assertion and asks how is women’s health going to be promoted by decriminalising abortion?

It certainly is not health care for the unborn who are violently torn limb from limb in what should be the sanctuary of their mother’s womb and it is not health care for women who are physically, psychologically and emotionally wounded and left with lifelong grief, remorse and sorrow at the loss of their precious child. Why then does the Prime Minister call this callous violence against women and the murder of the innocent health care?

Dr Forster, chairperson of the Abortion Supervisory Committee in 1995 told the Justice Select Committee that certifying consultants used mental health in authorising 98% of abortions to provide abortion on demand. Healthy babies in normal pregnancies of healthy young New Zealand women are being destroyed for socio-economic reasons, masquerading as a threat to mental health.

The Abortion Supervisory Committee in its report to Parliament in 1988 stated:

"If abortion is abhorrent to the majority of our thinking population, then the emphasis should be on education aimed at achieving a higher proportion of planned pregnancies than perpetuating the present unwieldy system of authorising termination of potentially normal pregnancies on pseudo-legal grounds."

If the Prime Minister really wants to help women she should have her government implementing the advice of the Committee by encouraging acceptance of the fundamental truth that sexual intercourse should not be separated from procreation and should be confined to marriage. This programme would discourage the exploitation and abandonment of women, promote women’s health and protect the lives of our precious unborn.

In the Committee’s report to Parliament in 2002 it reported that, procedures for the carrying out of abortions required by the Act;

"are not being followed as the law intended" and that: "… it is also misleading that 98.2 per cent of abortions have to be granted under Mental Health provisions."

The Prime Minister is promoting abortion as health care; it is not. It is demeaning to women to promote abortion as a reproductive health service. As the vast majority of abortions involve healthy babies and healthy mothers, this is not health care but something else entirely. It is totally dishonest for the Prime Minister to continue to promote abortion as health care. Can the Prime Minister tell women how they can protect their health by allowing for the killing of their defenceless unborn child?

To use "health" as a justification for terminating the life of a child when the vast majority of abortions do not take place on any kind of health ground, perverts the true meaning of medicine. Doctors who value their noble calling should have absolutely nothing to do with the killing of their most defenceless patients awaiting to be born.

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