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250,000 kiwi shooters call for Police Union to target gun criminals

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Yet again the Police Association is demanding that responsible New Zealand firearm license holders be attacked - to prevent outlaws using guns.

Yet again the media seem content to have endless interviews about the criminal misuse of firearms - without ever mentioning criminals.

No mention of the criminal jailed this week for murder. After serving a joke sentence for his last murder. With an illegal gun in a robbery.

No mention of another gangster just sentenced for shooting up a home with his illegal gun. While his associate shot the occupant. He was then given home detention. Because the judge feared that a custodial sentence would be too harsh. Because of his previous history of robberies.

No mention of the other criminal with 46 separate convictions for firearms offending. From 1980 to 2017 - The top five gun offenders alone can boast a total of 135 firearm convictions.

No mention of the fully 9 per cent of patched gang members and prospects who have been charged with five or more firearms offences.

No mention of the single offender convicted of illegal possession of guns on NINE separate occasions.

No mention of another offender with nine separate convictions for threatening Police with a firearm. Or the more than FIFTY criminals who have been convicted of this offense more than once. Clearly unimpressed by the first punishment they received.

The problem here is clear. A tiny number of recidivist criminals. So why won’t Cahill and his crooked Police union address the issue? He told us it is because "The Labour party won’t go for it". So he attacks the lawful. 250,000 good kiwis instead of under 2,000 vicious criminals.

His extremist union made a submission to the Law and Order committee that was considering how to stop criminals from getting guns. It didn’t mention punishing criminals ONCE. In a 57 point submission running to 19 pages.

It DID proposed dawn raids to ‘check’ lawful shooters. Granting us less rights than convicted gang members.

It also called for shooters to lose the ability to seek judicial review of Police abuses. Think about that. THAT is the dangerous agenda of the Police union made clear.

But of all their lies, the greatest con that the Police Association has ever pulled is suggesting that there is actually a debate here at all. All is known. The facts are in. The true solution is obvious.

Target the tiny number of vicious, recidivist offenders who threaten New Zealand and our Police who must respond to their crimes.

Oh, we may need to update our numbers. That offender may have hit 50 firearm convictions by now. There is nothing to stop him.

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