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New Zealand Labour plays God - Destiny Church

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

"God is dead. Long live the new god," is the new positioning from the radical left political community under the Labour Party led New Zealand Government - it is one that is accountable only to themselves and their ideologies, and which is overnight attempting to change and control all aspects of New Zealand’s traditional way of life.

We have appalling suicide rates, but Jacinda Ardern wants to make it easier to die. -Child mortality rates in New Zealand are higher than in most high-income countries, but retail abortion is on the table.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s now okay for the ‘state’ to indoctrinate children - whose brains, as science shows, will not mature until the age of 25 - that they can make their own decisions about their sexual identity. Not only that, they can choose from more than --70 gender identities (as if they weren’t confused enough already).

There is a pattern to their agenda. Your choice to die. Your choice to abort your baby. Your choice to be male or female. In the Bible, in Judges, God tells us that, "Everyman did what was right in his own eyes".

But we know that all humans have managed to do throughout history is make a mess of everything. Once a country led by God’s Word and a strong sense of morality, of right and wrong, is now under serious threat at the hands of Jacinda Ardern’s cabinet and the secretive agenda of the radical left in the Labour Party.

And you dare not say different because any common sense or moral opposition is defined as ‘hate speech’.

History tells us that the way of totalitarian governments is to silence critics with the threat of imprisonment (hate speech legislation is coming) or beatings by bullies - except these days the bullying takes place on social media.

We read that a student in the United Kingdom was thrown out of the classroom because he dared to express the view that in terms of biology - in other words hard science - there is only male and the female sex. In Australia, Israel Folau has not only lost his livelihood for expressing his Christian views, he is being actively stopped from trying to defend himself in a court of law by the likes of GoFundMe, the media and 'denial of service' hacking attacks on his website.

Pinterest has banned pro-life group Live Action. In New Zealand, teachers are being directed by the Ministry of Education to websites like Minus18 and the Safe Schools Coalition that say opinions not favourable to the trans-gender and homosexual community is a form of violence.

Destiny Church’s Facebook and other social media are constantly bombarded with haters trying to silence our moral and common-sense message. These are examples of the excessive levels of intolerance practised by the radical left. How is any of this democratic? Or in any way reflect the traditional values of fairness, justice and freedom that personify the traditional New Zealand way of life?

What was once in the hands of God has now been snatched by the hands of the radical left whose ideology is that God is dead, and they will now play god by actively taking power over life and death for themselves. It is clearly a deliberate attack on the morals that have defined New Zealand’s way of life. In particular, the sacredness of life - if we can’t value life, what’s left?

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