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Sex, lies, cover-Ups and Labour - Brian Tamaki

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Party leadership can no longer pretend that sexual harassment, bullying, indecent assault and rape allegations in their ranks is even remotely acceptable or someone else’s problem - you can never heal what you hide!

The outcome of an internal investigation sees the party President Nigel Haworth saying, "The recommendation was no disciplinary action will be taken". The toxic culture that exists in the Labour Party and Government cannot be covered up because the truth always comes out. It cannot be concealed. These serious problems haven’t just popped up yesterday either, they have been seething away below the surface for a long time. This toxicity is borne out of a culture and environment that has its roots in an ideology of liberalism and extreme sexual views. Why anyone is surprised with the "sexual perversions" showing up in supposedly the place that sets the countries examples of ‘rightness’ and goodness for all New Zealand families are naive at best. At worst agreeable to a dopey philosophy that our private world doesn’t affect our public space! Well, that’s just been proved wrong. When sexual extremes, gender confusions and policies that devalue human life are not only endorsed but made into policies, then it’s little wonder that Labour Youth and others would be involved in sexual indecency. "Be sure… Be sure... your sins will find you out," is a true saying because it has just jumped out all over the Labour Government and now the country.

What has been ‘covered over and hidden away’ by The New Zealand Labour Party President Nigel Haworth and the Labour Party leadership, is now spilling out all over social and news media!

This should be a clear warning to the New Zealand voting public that liberal left parties have more than just a socialist agenda. They also carry underneath a skewed sexual extremism that is now beginning to show up in the most embarrassing, and I’m sure frustrating, way for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Co.

You cannot play with fire and not get burnt. The public of New Zealand may turn a blind eye to it all and say, "it’s just politicians", but a casual approach to this stuff should not be tolerated any longer. The young people of this nation should not see or observe that this behaviour at this level is acceptable or OK, because it isn’t!

You can be sure that my vote will be ensuring that we never see this party and its coalition mates back in government ever again!

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