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Migrant threat exposed - Vision New Zealand

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

On Thursday 24 Oct 2019, Vision New Zealand revealed in two media releases "only citizens should vote" and "Did migrants elect accidental Government" that anticipated future threat against our country entered long ago undetected.

The evidence supported a legitimate claim to raise who elected this Government, citizens or migrants, with the answer proving to be equally either and unknown.

"The PM is responsible for National Security and Intelligence in our country, and when the world awakens, it will learn this small island nation, completely crumbled under the first threat made by the Indian migrant community towards a senior NZ First Minister of the Crown."

Said Jevan Goulter, Immigration Spokesperson for Vision New Zealand

The PMs knee jerk reaction of surrendering in moment of threat from Indian migrants compelled her to issue INZ a clear directive that the department revert back to the "status quo" on partnership and parental visas.

"Vision New Zealand is extremely concerned at the poor judgement shown by the PM responsible for National Security by taking the unprecedented step to respond to a threat by paying the ransom."

"The PM reverting back to status quo means she is effectively dishing out more permanent residence visas to Indian men who would never on their own be given a shot of getting through the front door. This one step continues the ongoing suppression of Indian woman in NZ, that can be sold by their families in India or swapped for cattle, so that a man unknown to her can enter our country. There are many cases of these women to scared to share with INZ how they have been treated like cattle, beaten and raped……"

"Vision New Zealand is unsure if the status quo means putting back the requirements in place for Middle East and African countries."

"NZ First voters would be right to expect Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters to express his displeasure at being put in this predicament as leader of NZ First. He must now show the NZ First membership that INZ reverting to status quo, does not undermine his boast at the time of New Zealand First’s influence being at the table."

"I know if it was us, our party membership they would be disheartened at the PMs attempt to curry favour from the Indian community by using us as the scapegoat.

"Kiwis are seeing first hand a PM now too comfortable on the international stage at the United Nations General Assembly, who returns to NZ and acts swiftly with a sense of urgency to appease migrant communities threatening our Government.

"I urge New Zealanders, do not allow yourselves to be confused by what we are witness to right here, right now, in our country. Jacinda Ardern has made it clear for, us and international communities, that under her leadership, if she has her way then "The Kiwi Way" is in its final days.

"Vision New Zealand is committed to putting Kiwis First and recognising the value of what it is about our unique New Zealand culture that makes it absolutely priceless. This is the reason we will not stop in our commitment to preserve and protect everyday Kiwis from the growing threats that face our country and challenge our right to live our way, in our home.

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