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Petition advocating protection for unborn children presented at Parliament - Right to Life

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

What is believed to be the largest petition ever made by residents of New Zealand to Parliament on the issue of abortion, on the care of women and concerning the killing of the unborn child.

A petition signed by 15,407 concerned citizens opposing the decriminalisation of abortion and supporting protection for women and the unborn is to be formally presented to an assembly of invited MP’s on the steps of Parliament on Wednesday 20th November at 12 30 p.m.

The petition was organised by Right to Life and will be presented by representatives of the Society’s executive.

This petition defends our inalienable right to life, the foundation of our human rights. Since 1856 the Crimes Act, section 182, Killing unborn child, has recognised that the killing of an innocent and defenceless unborn child is a serious crime. This petition is opposed to abortion being taken out of the Crimes Act and made "a reproductive choice for women."

The proposal of the Prime Minister to decriminalise abortion is an unprecedented attack on the sanctity of life of the unborn child. It is a denial that the unborn child is a human being endowed at conception with human rights. It is a rejection of the responsibility of the State to protect the lives of all New Zealanders from conception to natural death. Under the government’s proposal the child is to be declared the property of the mother. This is slavery and no person has the right to claim ownership of another person. If today Parliament can declare that the unborn child is not a human being, tomorrow Parliament may declare that other vulnerable human beings, those with dementia and Alzheimer’s are no longer human beings and protection for such persons may be removed from the Crimes Act and killed and declared a health service.

The government have no mandate to declare that the unborn are not human beings and that they have no right to have their lives protected by the State. A poll conducted by Curia Marketing Services in September on behalf of Right to Life found that 65% of those polled believed that the unborn child was a human being before birth, with 25 % at conception, 14 % at implantation and 26 % between implantation and birth.

On a second question, when should the human rights of the unborn child be protected by New Zealand law, 17 % believed at conception, 10 % at implantation and 28 % between implantation and birth. In other words 55% of New Zealanders believe that the unborn child’s right to life should be protected at some stage before birth. WHY then is our governments removing instead of ensuring protection for our precious unborn?

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