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Killing unborn children is not healthcare - Right to Life

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern’s attempt with her ill-conceived anti-life Abortion Legislation Bill, to convince the women of New Zealand that they have a ‘human right’ to kill their child in the womb, is the most appalling attack on women in the history of New Zealand.

It is a cruel charade to seek to deceive women into believing that the violent killing of the defenceless and innocent is a health service and "a reproductive choice for women." Prime Minister your views concerning the right of women to kill unborn children as a health service has never been part of authentic feminism.

The killing of our unborn is not a health service as you claim. It has never been a health service and your infamous Abortion Legislation Bill will never make it a health service. In fact, your claim that abortion should be treated like every other health service, is appalling to most New Zealanders and you bill is not what New Zealanders want. You may call it a ‘health service’ but what other health service has the specific intention of killing the patient. Abortion kills one patient and damages the health of the other.

The objective of genuine health services is to protect human life and promote the health of the patient. Every doctor knows that when they are caring for a woman who is with child that they have the privilege of caring for two patients. Jacinda Ardern you are aware of this, as the mother of a beautiful child you are aware that both you and your daughter received loving professional care from health professionals before and after she was born. What you are doing Jacinda Ardern is denying this protection and care for all New Zealand’s women and their children residing in their mother’s wombs. Why?

As Prime Minister you are aware that more than 13,000 children are violently killed every year, not to save the life of the mother, or to protect her health but over 98%, for socio-economic reasons. The Abortion Supervisory Committee advised Parliament in its annual report for 2019 that there were 27 abortions performed in 2018 on the grounds that the baby’s continued existence was a threat to the life of the mother and that 20 were authorised for allegedly being a threat to the physical health of the mother. Dr Christine Forster, chairman of the ASC in 1995 at its first annual review by the Justice Parliamentary Select Committee advised that the reason why the vast majority of abortions, 98 % were on mental health grounds was because "certifying consultants used mental health grounds as the means to provide abortion on demand."

It is a grave injustice for your government to regulate the killing of the unborn as a core health service with unlimited funding and no waiting list. This is an intolerable burden on the nation which is compelled to fund the slaughter of our children with our taxes. Prime Minister, you advocate for choice, but you callously deny us the right to choose to withhold our taxes from the murder of the innocent. Why do we not have a choice to opt out of paying for murdering unborn children.

Prime Minister, if you really did care for the health and welfare of women you would withdraw this anti-life bill and promote love and care for both mother and child. Your government spends tens of millions to kill our precious unborn. How much are you spending to promote life affirming adoption?

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