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'Freedom of speech vital' in vaccine debate with ASA - Outdoors Party

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

The NZ OUTDOORS Party is celebrating a victory for Freedom of Speech in a decision made public today by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

A complaint was made about an electoral advertisement by the Outdoors Party Whangaparaoa candidate, Tricia Cheel. Her sign headed "Vaccine Injury is Real" showed a sick baby with the Statement "He Almost Died".

The NZ OUTDOORS Party defended the complaint because freedom of speech is important. "How can a political party campaign if they cannot explain their views to voters", says Sue Grey co-leader of the NZ Outdoors Party and well known public rights lawyer. "We strongly believe in freedom of speech and the right to share information that informs and challenges mainstream views, provided it is accurate and well researched."

The photo was of a baby who was reported in the NZ Herald as having nearly died after receiving a rotavirus vaccine. The3-month-old boy almost died from an obstruction to his intestines soon after receiving a vaccine for Rotavirus. This outcome is recognised as a rare response to that vaccine. Rotavirus is a highly contagious virus that infects the intestine causing gastroenteritis and fever, predominantly in infants and young children, however it is rarely life threatening. This vaccine raises questions of whether parents are given enough information to give informed consent, and proportionality when the harm from the vaccine may be worse than the risk from the disease.

Tricia Cheel created an election banner based on the "NZ Herald" article. She provided the ASA pages of references about vaccine injury to support this. "Many people are unaware of the risks from vaccines because vaccine injury cases are often missed by doctors and are usually kept very quiet" says Tricia Cheel. "Most people have no idea about toxic ingredients in many vaccines or the many established and suspected cases of vaccine injury".

The NZ Outdoors Party is very proud of Tricia Cheel and other candidates who are expert in their field, and who have a long history of educating on views that are often overlooked by mainstream media.

"Tricia Cheel has a long career in natural and traditional health, and a proud history of walking the walk to advocate for freedom of choice around vaccines and other contaminants" says Sue Grey. Tricia is admired around New Zealand for her expertise and advocacy. She led the community team who obtained interim injunctions to stop Auckland’s Hunua drinking water catchment being poisoned with cruel and deadly 1080 poison."

The OUTDOORS party advocates for informed decision making and body sovereignty. "We are strongly opposed to mandatory vaccinations, and to any sanctions or other duress which may disadvantage parents who make informed decisions." says Sue Grey "We are concerned that some parents are encouraged to have their children vaccinated without information about the ingredients in the vaccines or their efficacy, gaps in safety testing and other risks of the vaccines. We encourage a public conversation about this without bullying or pressure to conform with mainstream views, as all voices matter".

"The pharmaceutical industry has so much power and influence in our health system. It is extremely important that other views can be shared, especially in the lead up to an election. We are very grateful that the ASA recognised this and agreed with us" says Sue Grey.

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