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'Covid-19: Sir David is right!' - Thomas Morgan

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Today, Lower Hutt Council candidate Thomas Morgan supported the views of Sir David Skegg who suggested yesterday that the Ministry of Health was not best placed to manage the Covid-10 response for New Zealand.

‘I noted exactly the same issue and potential for problems during some exploratory work in April last year. Although it is a medical matter the actual event is an emergency and it needed to be in the hands of that environment in conjunction with medical advice.’ Morgan said.

When the pandemic got to the stage of the level four lockdown Mr Morgan put his 25 plus years of experience in fixing social, business and governance issues to work and spent four weeks tirelessly pushing ideas and fixes to assist with the response. The list of efforts can be seen below and the matter referenced by Sir David is noted as item 21 and clearly states that there was and still no Director General of Emergency Management as there is with Health.

‘Hopefully the comments of Sir David will assist in steering the response in a more focused fashion.’ Said Mr. Morgan.

Morgan’s 2020 Covid19 activities, becoming variously wider in scope as the work unfolded….

Covid-19 Efforts

1. Asked advertising industry to drop off-message advertising.

2. Suggested to all of government committee to have Pandemic TV.

3. Designed and produced keep distance badge.

4. Offered assistance to hospital.

5. Offered to work for supermarket.

6. Security and plant watering service?

7. Lobbied to have benefit income limit raised.

8. Education TV channel mooted.

9. Promoted 'forwards on the left' separation measure for waking on streets- media and WCC connected. Later changed to right side of road.

10. Separation problem at supermarkets with need of distribution of masks to public entering.

11. General lack of use of masks for transmission prevention even millions in storage- To M.P.s x 3.

12. Advised media of Windows 10 update warning from Microsoft with limited support if things go wrong with update installation.

13. Made contact with GG to ask if HRH would like to provide input to efforts to thwart virus. HRH made Commonwealth-wide broadcast and also provided personal support to New Zealand.

14. Suggested that Prince William might like to support efforts to younger generation.

15. Provided support to friends in India to return to NZ. Sought advice from India High Commission and sent email with address supplied. Also made contact with office of Minister of Foreign Affairs and made written request for assistance for family. Created escaping India Facebook page however one already established.

16. Investigated local supplier of face masks in Whanganui. Discovered that entire production had been sequestered by government and that none were available for local purchase.

17. Made contact with Countdown supermarket and reached senior manager who agreed to provide masks to public entering stores if supplied.

18. Assessed social distancing in supermarkets and variously noted not possible due distraction of shopping and lack of literal space to achieve distancing spacing.

19. Designed a general prescription for adult lane swimming to comply with Covid-19 social distancing rules.

20. Suggested government tourism vouchers be provided to the public to stimulate industry.

21. Noted that wider emergency management oversight appears to be missing in the decision making process. New legislation may be needed- 'The Director General of Health shall report to the Director General of Emergency Management'. The latter role would also need to be established. (Now current by comments from Sir David Skegg (13/08/21))

22. Noticed an infection control breach at local hospital and advised senior management who were to rectify problem.

23. Assessed and congratulated supporting MP that in fact panic buying at the start the lock down was in fact very useful in keeping people off the streets and out of supermarkets during the lock down.

24. Explained to TVNZ that they are part the Covid management process and that chopping the PM 1pm press conference after 30 minutes was not appropriate.

25. Asked the makers of Vogels to increase production with very high demand from a house-bound population.

26. Provided widespread tips on videoconferencing presentation participation.

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