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'Strong contender enters Auckland Mayoralty race'

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Ted Johnston Bsc BA LLB, a criminal Barrister working out of South Auckland for almost 30 years has thrown his hat in the ring.

His aim is to clean up council, sort out the incompetence and failures of the current Mayor and council, and to make Auckland Council the efficient and effective organisation it should be, providing the resources and lifestyle opportunities Aucklanders expect and require.

Johnston states:

"Auckland needs a new, strong, competent and caring leader to sweep through and clean house, ending council’s wastage and incompetence."

He declares, " I’m not here to just talk, I’m here to get the job done."

"We have had enough recycled politicians in the mayoralty. It is not a retirement job."

"As for councilors and related others who intend to stand; the change in culture needed to clean up council cannot be done by someone who was part of that problem."

While having a strong raft of important policies, Johnston makes no promises, but merely states,

"I say what I will do, and I will do what I say."

In the last local body election in 2019, to test the waters, he ran an independent 6 week election campaign on a $100 budget. Like most other candidates he was excluded from many of the candidate meetings, where only the ‘favourites‘ were invited. He only had about 10 speaking engagements, yet still gained a commendable 15,680 votes in 5th place.

This time Ted Johnston (who is the Co-leader of the New Conservative political party), is standing as the New Conservative candidate for the Auckland Mayoralty.

New Conservative, a strong, principled and caring political party, with huge and growing grass roots support, is serious about this campaign. It has the supporters and organisation to get the job done.

New Conservative gained 1.5% of the total NZ vote at the 2020 general election and a month prior polled 2.1%.

Initial Policies.


-We need a proper world class public rapid transit transport system. Council cannot force people out of cars to sit in an expensive, slow, substandard inefficient public transport system.

-We need a Rapid Transit transport network system that takes you where you want to go, which is efficient and inexpensive, so we will want to use it.

-No congestion tax. We the victim’s of congestion should not be forced to pay for it.

-No regional petrol tax. The government has squeezed us enough.

Council Controlled Organisations. CCOs

CCOs will be made accountable to the Auckland public as they are managing our property. Johnston will enforce real and efficient consultation with communities. Their leadership will all be examined and if found wanting, replaced during a clean sweep of incompetence. CCOs will not be focused as much on profit, but rather doing a competent job.

Eke Panuku Development. (controls council Land),

Ports of Auckland (POAL) Huge losses will require accountability.

Watercare, Pollution is not acceptable. Water catchment must be increased. The constant yearly water shortages must be ended.

Auckland Transport Its wastefulness, money gouging fines and parking etc, increased congestion, forced bike and bus lanes, overcharged roadworks has to be ended. Half our rates shouldn’t be wasted in this fashion. Tendering of roadworks will be done.


Policies to assist building of houses, cut red tape, prevent land banking, assisting of satellite towns development and possible rate charges on empty residential properties being used as investments. These will help people get housing and to slow the huge price increases.

Assisting Youth and Opportunity.

Ensure rates and resources are spent where they are needed, and a fair share around the whole city. Investment in offering opportunity especially to youth in danger of crime and poverty as an insurance policy to help prevent them from entering crime. Much crime tends to be poverty driven.


Stop massive clear felling by council and tree clearances, like at Western Springs forest. Stop pollution and ensure proper sewage and drains. Ensure pollution of all types is controlled. There will be no hysterical heavy taxes for global warming. A sensible affordable science-based approach will be carried out.

Ted Johnston BSc BA LLB

Currently CoLeader of the New Conservative political party.

A Criminal Lawyer for almost 30 years, with degrees in Law, Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Psychology. He is currently on the NZ Law Society Council ( Auckland) and previously on other Law Society Councils, and Boards of Trustees of Hillary and Tangaroa College. He was elected to the Otara Community Board in 1992. Has been in a host of other community organizations, and in the army reserves.

Born in Auckland, raised in Otara, he has lived in the UK, Australia, Samoa and NZ.

Married with 8 Adult children, and a practicing Christian, he states :

"We must respect other’s rights to live their own lives, and have their own beliefs, but we don’t have to agree with them."

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