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All time high for petrol - New Conservative

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

Ted Johnston, states "This price is outrageous and expect prices to keep rising, to $4 by years end, and even possibly $5 next year."

This shows that several things need to be done immediately.

The 3 month lowering should be extended to the end of 2022.

The gst on govt tax should be removed, no more tax on tax.

The Auckland regional tax needs to be removed.

And for good measure the gst on petrol should be given to the Auckland council to cover regional costs such as infrastructure.

The govt needs to extend its review of monopoly/ duopoly control to group control and examine the petrol industry. Just because the govt gets a big cut of the excessive prices should not make them turn a blind eye to it.

As a bonus expect petrol robberies and drive off crimes to increase with this, as petrol will be worth stealing now as a commodity. Just like cigarettes are a prime target for young offenders due to resale value.

"As Mayor I would lead a stand against govt policies robbing our citizens of our hard earned money during a constantly worsening housing and cost of living crisis. "

"The govt can expect non-co-operation and passive resistance by the Auckland Council under my leadership to any policies destructive to the lives and lifestyles of our people. "

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