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Stopping future turf gun wars - Ted Johnston

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media

This recent shooting turf war highlights two main problems. Firstly the gangs complete lack of respect for the public safety and the police, as well as a total lack of fear of the police. Secondly the sheer inadequacy of the gang taskforce to control the gangs.

The police are hamstrung by red tape, and the legal rules for protection of the rights of the general public which are flouted by the gangs .

As long as the police are tied up in red tape they cannot act swiftly or effectively enough.

Police have to

- rely on witness statements from easily intimidated members of the public,

-deal with technology such as encrypted messages

-get past the criminal code of silence shutting down informants

-get witnesses and informants to obtain search warrants

-beware breaches of any legal rights which can render police action unlawful.

Many of the police will be used more for show, to be seen in the streets for reassurance, which is not necessarily deserved.

Police will be pulled off their main jobs preventing crime, and leave an opening for other criminals.

The way is not to get the gangs to sit and broker deals, but to create a common fear in gangs of anti-gang crime enforcement.

The solution is to use terrorism type laws to act against the gangs, so they are afraid of the consequences. They must be made to fear the Law.

Mass arrests, warrantless searches, ability to hold for extended periods etc. Warrantless armed Searches of all gang related addresses would apply.

A specially trained and equipped anti-terrorism/ anti-gang taskforce must be used, with special anti-gang powers, otherwise govt action can’t be fast enough to instantly stop escalation and shut gangs down.

All crime and all gangs can’t be shut down, it is always with us. However we can stop the most dangerous behaviour like shootings by applying zero tolerance. Govt action must be so hard on the gangs that they will not repeat the behaviour. The huge financial cost and loss of members will keep the gangs in line.

So long as the gangs do not cross the line then the gang taskforce won’t be used. Deterrance.

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