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Abortion Opponent Claims You Can't Get pregnant If You're "Legitimately Raped"

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin opposes abortions! All of them! Even if say, an underage female was raped, perhaps even incestuously, and became pregnant? Could she qualify for an abortion? Well, according to Akin, and no doctor ever, women's bodies are able to prevent pregnancies if they are victims of "legitimate rape." So the need for an abortion option for rape victims doesn’t even exist. Now keep in mind, that “Legitimate Rape” should not be confused with “Asking For It Rape”, “She Had It Coming Rape” or “It Began As Rape, But Then She Started To Like It Rape.”

Let’s turn the tables and imagine for a moment that a female Congresswoman gets on T.V. to state that there is no such thing as male rape. She justifies her claim by referring to the knowledge that when men are raped or sexually assaulted, they are likely to experience an erection and may even ejaculate. She draws her own conclusion by stating that they therefore are enjoying the experience and that male rape is a myth. Any man or boy who has ever claimed he has been sexually assaulted is a homosexual liar - probably with psychological problems.  

The Autonomic Nervous System functions unconsciously and controls involuntary processes such as heart rate, digestion, perspiration and - ho-hum - sexual arousal. So that when you are in a stressful situation (like being violently sexually assaulted) your body goes into an automatic "Fight or Flight" state. This is designed to provide your body with maximum energy, essentially, to help you survive, and has been part of human biology since prehistoric times.

Whether you have to summon all your strength to lift a car off an injured person, all your speed to run for your life, or all your power to hit someone dangerous as hard as you can! Digestion is suppressed so that you have more blood flow to your muscles and lungs. Your heart rate increases. Your pupils dilate to improve your vision. And men usually get an erection and may even ejaculate. For men who have ever been violated and experienced this, they may feel very confused and embarrassed by the involuntary physiological reaction. But do we shame and blame male victims, who have already been through enough, by questioning the legitimacy of their rape, by saying, “Well dude, didn’t you get a boner? Guess you must have liked that.”

I know it's shocking, but sometimes women who are raped get pregnant. “Rape as Genocide” refers to mass rape which takes place to wipe out ethnic groups, without having to kill everyone. Quite nasty. So why does Missouri Congressman Todd Akin suppose that women who are legitimately raped can’t get pregnant? This indirectly blames women who have been raped and fallen pregnant, casting doubt on their innocence, basically calling their claim of abuse a lie. Why the attack on women? Why the need to control women’s reproductive rights? And why the fear that women should have that power? Are women not to be trusted? Maybe I'm over-thinking this. Maybe Akin is just trying to save the souls of rapist victims who would otherwise get an abortion and go to Hell. Even if they were like... 12 and were raped by their father and going to have an inbred kid. You can't argue with someone trying to save you from Hell.

It’s encouraging that some cultures have openly progressed from considering the rape of a woman to be damaging to the goods and property of a man. Yet politicians continue to attempt restricting women’s reproductive rights. The reproduction of humans takes teamwork. It should be considered a beloved privilege to bring a person into the world. Not a side effect of abuse. When a stork brings a baby into the world, the child should be respected enough to be given a warm welcome by mature parents who wanted it, and who have the resources to provide for a new life to the very best of their ability. Restrictions on reproductive rights are therefore very severe restrictions on human rights, and the rights of future humans.

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