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ACTing on Energy Issues

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Rob West
Rob West

In a World flooded by people claiming that climate change is the harbinger of doom for all of us, that we have abused our planet to such an extent that its own fails safe devices will fail and that there is such blatant evidence all indicating this tragedy Rodney Hide is here to point out our folly in believing such nonsense. He is or voice of reason in a world gone crazy and we should really thank him for helping Key to make such positive decisions as the Thermal Energy Repeal. He strides across the open chasms of ignorance lays his flaming torch of truth and honour at the feet of the evil titans of deceit.

This is probably how it plays out in his head anyway!

How can a repeal on the ban that has helped New Zealand do anything but damage all of us and our environment, and help big business? The corporations will, I guarantee, be the only winners here as what has been painted as an energy crisis is in fact a quick wash over the manipulations of government and big business in order for them to gain short term whilst everyone else suffers in the long term. What is wrong in investing in the more than viable future of renewable resources? Why have they been so swiftly tossed aside in favour of out-moded methods of energy production?


The argument is that the blanket ban encourages coal fired power stations which are so much worse, however there is an opportunity here for the new government to invest in new sustainable technology and a future without fossil fuels. We may have a large supply of coal and gas but it still costs and overwhelming amount to mine and transport or source it and when it runs out a new source will have to be established. This is an inevitable part of fossil fuels.


The UK is soon to have the world’s largest wind farm producing enough energy to power 750, 000 homes, so the technology and will power is out there, just not in New Zealand. Geothermal energy is the silver bullet to fossil fuels’ werewolf. We currently utilise only 15% of New Zealand’s potential geothermal energy and this still manages to produce 10% of the country’s energy. This is astounding considering these plants are renewable and the technology reliable and clean. How is it that this is not the future, not repeal on a ban that was designed, not to stifle the New Zealand economy, but to enhance it with new technologies and a safer, greener future.

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