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Bennett's Six Months - Bungle After Bungle

Fuseworks Media
Fuseworks Media
Annette King
Annette King

Paula Bennett's blunder over the Christine Rankin appointment is the most recent in what is now a string of bungles, raising real concerns about her own appointment, says Labour's Social Development spokesperson Annette King.

"Prime Minister John Key yesterday avoided criticising Paula Bennett for her failure to disclose information about Christine Rankin, which has caused considerable public controversy, until the day her appointment was announced.

"But his concession that she had failed to front up with the information was a clear indictment on the Minister, who has no doubt been given a bollocking in private.

"It's not the first time Paula Bennett has failed to tell the Prime Minister what's going on and after six months in the job, you'd think she would have wised up - especially considering the high-paid minders looking after her.

"Earlier this year she got a public reprimand from Mr Key when she assured him she had entered into no correspondence over her daughter's partner and was then forced to admit she had written letters to a court and the Parole Board in support of him," Annette King says.

"This is a Minister whose has courted derision for her handling of the proposed boot camps and who responded by attacking youth justice experts and community groups for misleading the public on the issue - and then tried to deny she had done so.

"This is a Minister who avoided meeting Grey Power for as long as she could, gave them the brush-off when she did and left them with the impression that 'a loud laugh will solve all the questions put to her.'

"This is a Minister who has refused to take any responsibility for the laying off of 200 Ministry of Social Development staff - a great display of leadership - and who has already abandoned National's core welfare election pledge.

"This is a Minister who is allowing companies who sign up to the nine day fortnight to do so in secrecy, despite the fact taxpayers' money is keeping them afloat," says Annette King.

"This is a Minister who has bungled her responsibilities so many times she's becoming an embarrassment to the Government. How many strikes before you're out again? Obviously more than three."

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