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Chris Ford: On Gareth Morgan and banning/killing moggies

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Chris Ford
Chris Ford

Gareth Morgan has floated his latest environmentally friendly idea - ban and kill all family cats. 

If Morgan has his way, then New Zealanders will be denied the right to own cats. I have never owned a cat personally as I can't afford to. Also I live near a busy main road and it would be difficult to prevent a cat being run over.

Nonetheless, cats bring great joy to many New Zealand families and individuals. Research and anecdotal evidence suggests that animal ownership can bring physical and mental health benefits to individuals. If you go into any hospice, for example, they usually have a cat or cats who act as comforters to the dying.

Morgan, though, wants to effectively engage in a cat euthanasia policy on the basis that they are a threat to bird life. True, cats kill birds. Also, Morgan has forgotten that cats are useful in the war against even greater ecological pests like cats and rats. 

I have to admit that Morgan has been very critical of the Government's proposed welfare reforms. He has switched to supporting the concept of a Universal Basic Income, something which I also support.

On his cat ban idea, however, he has completely lost me. Morgan is a huge attention seeker (just like Kim Dotcom) and today he's gotten more attention than he deserves on an issue that will undoubtedly cause controversy.

Even though I don't like the National Government, I think even they will have the good sense not to follow up on Gareth's ideas in relation to domestic cats. None of the other main political parties will have any truck with it either. They will see this idea as the one day wonder it really is!

Gareth's idea deserves a big thumbs down. Surely, if he had any better ideas about saving our ecology, he could come up with better than this!

And, by the way, if any cat owners live near Gareth Morgan's place, I wonder how safe their cats will be!

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