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Chris Ford: Having Danish right-wing MP at Maori powhiri rather like having Louis Crimp at one

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Chris Ford
Chris Ford

 Having Danish right-wing MP Marie Krarup at a Maori powhiri has turned to be like having ACT's Louis Crimp attend one. Their reactions on race relations issues aren't far apart it seems.

In saying this, I have to admit there is one critical difference between Crimp's beloved ACT and Krarup's Danish People's Party. Both are right-wing parties, albeit, with the latter being socially libertarian and the other completely xenophobic, racist and fascist.

However, Krarup and Crimp are just made for each other. Perhaps if they were single (and I don't know whether they are) they could be matched up with one another. They at least have one thing in common - they dislike those Maoris, oh hell yeah!

They are kindred spirits who could connect over their shared disdain for minority cultures. In saying this, I don't buy Krarup's inplausible explanation that some New Zealanders could be offended by Danish culture. I have to state that I once flatted with a young Danish exchange student back in the 1990's. I found her language rather interesting and her Danish food delicious. I remember she was very socially liberal (unlike Krarup) and non-racist. If I remember correctly, my Danish flatmate liked African music and had travelled to that continent - probably something Krarup has never done. 

This is why I realise that Krarup is only representative of a minority of Danes in the same way that Crimp is representative of a minority of New Zealanders in their dislike of cultures other than their own.

Yes, I hear some of you say, she's apologised for her comments but only half-heartedly. Like Crimp, Krarup will continue to spout racist venom with the only difference being that her Folkspartei won't feel offended unlike ACT which distanced itself from Crimp following his own anti-Maori tirade last year.

Still, I suspect there could be some email traffic flowing between Invercargill and Copenhagen right now. They can admire each other all they like as I don't admire either of them. 

Krarup and Crimp - what a couple they would be! The simple thought makes me cringe.





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