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Delay on Emissions Trading Scheme

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Rob West
Rob West

The new government is clearly unwilling to break their typecasting and give a nod toward the environmental left. Having dismissed the ETS’s passage into law as an “arrogant disregard for the law and for constitutional protocol”, amongst jabs toward the recent election defeat, Jack Welch (coalition chairman) dismissed claims to the contrary.

There are softly spoken assertions that the law will not be dumped altogether but re-evaluated by the new cabinet and re-presented next year. Translated this means, Act will smother the scheme, favouring big business and trampling on the many New Zealand citizens that went to the polling stations and handed their country over to Key and co.

The grounds on which Act and National dismissed the law, was the lack of a regulatory impact statement that should have been presented prior to its presentation. However, the Cabinet Manual in which this is stated is only a set of guidelines and need not be upheld or indeed used as grounds to eschew laws that have already passed. In other words, this is the smoke that Key and National are wafting our way in order for us not to see that it is them stoking the fire.

As predicted, Labour’s ten year ban on any new coal fired or base-load gas power stations as well as a similar move toward the Resource Management Act has made a bold mark, indicating where this new government means to head. The favouring of the big businesses, that have up till now been stalled by Labour, and the disregard for our environment and thus New Zealand’s residents is the name of the game. The outcome of which is all too predictable and sadly familiar. We can only hope that National and Act decide that this rule change is not a forecast for this nation’s future, rather a blip on the road to affirmative action.

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