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Further Disgrace for Aetorea at Poznan

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Rob West
Rob West

In a big step forward, the conference at Poznan have agreed terms in which to reward those replanting depleted forests and make special exemptions for those sustaining the ones they have. Due to the nature of these shared lands, there was a large emphasis on the community involvement. We in New Zealand have always been light years ahead with countries such as Canada and the US on setting aside lands to preserve for future generations and the precious habitats within. Why is it then that we three states, as well as Australia, have all chosen to discard crucial language in the agreement concerning indigenous peoples? Is it a sad and backward facing return to previous days of oppression?

The denial to the UN of recognition of Maori people should surely be too much for the Maori Party to stand, yet they have said nothing. This is a big blow for any hoping that Maoris may get an opportunity for redress for past wrongs as this is not only a sign that New Zealand will not recognise their rights but the reality of our government not doing so.

In a strange contrast there is mild reason for celebration as in Poznan, as the agreement clearly favours the REDD programme. In doing so, we stand an improved chance of combating further climate change due to the nature of forests and abilities in absorbing carbon. By creating more Karoris we can gain financially as a nation, environmentally as a country and culturally as a people.

There is a risk however that the new agreement can favour the forestry industry over biodiverse reserves. This could mean the increase in size of the vast pine forests that serve only as a monoculture for profit. These monocultures support little animal life and due to the close planting of the trees also very little flora on the forest floor. Despite being good carbon sinks they make for poor environments, more so than even other agricultural land.

These big steps forward are hampered by commerce minded individuals and corporations that take from the land and the people and give back nothing. The indigenous peoples of any continent should not be so easily snubbed and big business favoured.

Check out this video to see hw the indigenous peoples of the World were treated at Poznan:

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