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Get Carter! Journalist’s Chase MP Around Parliament

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Dave Griffith
Dave Griffith

Are we all over our righteous hissy fit over some MP’s putting a few extras on their credit cards yet? A close examination of any government department for a day would reveal wastage of public money many times greater than what was put on the MP’s credit cards.

We should be celebrating that all we can dig up on some MP’s s is the odd dinner and pay per view movie. In many other countries political graft and corruption adds up to millions of dollars. Our headlines of credit card misuse are ‘cat rescued from a tree’ material when looked at in an international context. We have got a great country if that is all we have got to get wound up about.
Adding to the farce today was the sight of journalists chasing Chris Carter all over parliament for the morning. It reminded me of playing ‘chase’ at Primary School. Chris was ‘in’ and the press pack needed to chase him and make him say sorry for something he wasn’t that sorry for.
Chris has got to learn a few more tricks though. Running down the stairs and hiding in Pete Hodgsons office weren’t cunning enough moves to shake off the chasing journos’. They got bit snaky though when he got cornered and still wouldn’t say sorry like they wanted him to. They went off and ratted on him to teacher Phil.  Just a thought but wouldn’t all these journalists be better served researching and presenting stories that are a whole lot less sensational but a lot more important to New Zealand. Stuff like the wrecking of our environment and question marks over access to the coastline for all New Zealanders.
What about that Phil Goff eh? It looked like trouble when he was pictured leaving the airport a couple of days ago on his return from overseas. Swaggering like a gang prospect and wearing the grin of a teenager who has just scored with a girl he likes. Phil was obviously relishing the chance to show ‘leadership’. Well I am glad I am not on his team because instead of turning his new found confidence on the Tory enemy he proceeded to shoot his own gang. Phil is obviously getting off on this but as a political strategy it isn’t a long term winner. How far would Wyatt Earp have got at the Ok Corral if he shot up his own crew before having a go at the Clantons?
This whole farce that started during the last Labour Government of demoting MP’s for misdemeanors for a limited time then reinstating them has gone too far. The MP’s are made to do the humiliating apology to the nation when clearly they are not sorry or they wouldn’t have done it in the first place. Good on Chris Carter for not playing ball. He has paid for it though. Sent home by teacher for not saying sorry nicely and getting his last toy (conservation) confiscated.
I guess most of us wouldn’t complain about having our work taken off us and given to someone else to do. Getting sent home for a couple of weeks break on full pay is not a bad result either. Chris even got a healthy aerobic workout running around parliament. Now that is a balanced lifestyle. Politics anyone? There are a few vacancies coming up if this Salem witchhunt carries on much longer. A minimum of $131,000 and all the lobster you can eat. That is of course if they haven’t all been taken by the customary titleholders. 

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