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Green Party releases amendments to SkyCity legislation

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Fuseworks Media

Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei today released a series of amendments to the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill that seek to reduce the harm that will result from the expansion of gambling opportunities this legislation allows.

The New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill enables a deal between the Government and Sky City casino that will see SkyCity gain a significant number of gambling related concessions in return for funding an international convention centre.

"There are real and measureable costs associated with increased gambling, which include more crime, child abuse, mental illness, family breakups, hospital admissions and suicide," said Mrs Turei.

"The Green Party intends to oppose this legislation all the way through.

"The extra pokies SkyCity gets in the deal are the equivalent of a whole new casino. This casino would actually be the third biggest casino in New Zealand if it was taken separately.

"MPs supporting this deal need to consider how they can reduce the harm that will flow on from this deal.

"MPs who are currently supporting this legislation need to rethink their position or at the very least support our supplementary order papers that seek to minimise some of the social harm this legislation enables.

"I urge MPs across the House to use their conscience and support these measures.

"This deal will cause harm.

"By supporting amendments, such as our SOP that ensures SkyCity’s host responsibility programme is independently monitored, there is an opportunity to ensure there are some checks and balances in place to protect the community," said Mrs Turei.

Green Party SOPs on the New Zealand International Convention Centre Bill


Clause amended

Summary of SOP

Metiria Turei

#377 (clause 6)

Deletes clause 6, which authorises the regulatory concessions in the Agreement.

Metiria Turei

#379 (clause 6)

Deletes clause 6(3) to remove the provision for the gambling law to prevail if its application would be more favourable to SKYCITY than the regulatory concessions, which effectively means SKYCITY can receive more benefits beyond the Agreement.

Metiria Turei

#380 (new clause 6A)

Inserts a new provision to clearly state that SKYCITY can no longer retain the regulatory concessions following a termination event.

Metiria Turei

#381 (clause 7)

Deletes clause 7, which provides for the regulatory concessions in the Agreement to have the force of law. The Gambling Act 2003 is in place to control and regulate the gambling industry, and should take precedence.

Denise Roche

#382 (new clause 8A)

Requires decisions by the Crown to cancel bookings at SKYCITY to be subject to the NZ Bill of Rights Act

Denise Roche

#383 (clause 9)

Replaces clause 9 to ensure that, where there is inconsistency between this Act and the Gambling Act 2003, the Gambling Commission must follow the Gambling Act.

Metiria Turei

#385 (new clause 10A)

Introduces a series of harm minimisation measures (in addition to the Agreement):

- Introducing compulsory pre-commitment

- Prohibiting direct advertising to excluded people

- Prohibiting inducements

- Ensuring independent analysis of host responsibility programme

Metiria Turei

#378 (new clause 10A)

Amends the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 to require SKYCITY to pay back some of the proceeds of crime they receive through gambling-

Denise Roche

#384 (new clause 10A)

Requires SKYCITY to prepare, present and publish an annual casino impact report

Denise Roche

#386 (new clause 10A)

Brings SKYCITY in line with Class 4 gambling restrictions by prohibiting gambling between 4am and 8am

-The substance of this SOP was previously a Members’ bill in the name of Metiria Turei to introduce these requirements to all casinos. It received its first reading on 5th December 2012, but was defeated (57-61).

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