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Hide in Full View With his Empty Rhetoric

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Rob West
Rob West

On Sunday, Rodney Hide gave a speech to his ACT supporters, ACT Asian Chapter to be precise, at their BBQ in Auckland. Many smug looks were exchanged no doubt, amongst talk of a resounding success at the recent election. The leader of the ACT party gave a sterling talk on the successes of the campaign, including the highlights of his term in power thus far. The only problem is that the vast majority of the speech seemed like filler fluff, meaningless power phrases buffed out with key words such as change. His chest puffed out like the rooster squawking his rights to the country, seemingly unaware that he has already won his battle to be leader of the roost.

“The people voted for an end to the nanny state; an end to politicians and bureaucrats meddling in every aspect of their lives; an end to the politics of envy.

They voted to make New Zealand safer. They voted to get government spending under control. They voted for smart green policies. They voted for a quality education system that teaches children to read and to write. They voted for a taxation system that rewards and celebrates success - not punishes it. They voted for an end to the red tape that is tying New Zealanders in knots. They voted for a vision that will see us catch and match Australia. They voted for policies that will see our kids come home - not leave.”

What exactly are the politics of envy Mr Hide? Are they merely another winning phrase to seem more informed and more capable than your opponents and constituents? I think so! Are they also a statement of your own hypocrisy considering merely second later you are clearly exclaiming your own envy of our neighbors Australia? I think so!

Which smart green policies are these Rodney? The ones where you increase our carbon emissions to manic proportions or the ones where you abandon the only policy to mediate these emissions?

In what education system have we not been educating our children to read and to write?

Is this red tape the same tape that is preventing you currently from ruling without mediation and without need to answer for things that you have and will do to this nation? Most likely!

It is summed up, interestingly, in his opening line “At our recent election, New Zealand voted for change; for a new direction”. True enough Mr Hide, it is just that most of the country, taken in by your resounding rhetoric were looking the other way when this new direction got taken. They were scouting about for all those organizations, individuals and ideas that you purpose are bringing down this country. These phantoms are just that, and have allowed Mr Hide to swoop in and take full advantage of our confusion. This new direction is most definitely not the one New Zealand should be headed toward.

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