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How Poor Child Nutrition Helps Right-Wing Governments To World Domination

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Sabine Schneider
Sabine Schneider

I’ve got it!  At last I’ve understood why our National government is doing all those dreadful things to weaken the health of people on low incomes: They’re doing it to make them into the morons who will vote for them in the future.
They start early. Just now they’ve axed the Fruit-in-Schools campaign that saw the health of thousands of children improve. Why on earth would they try to save the few bucks it takes to buy some fruit for children from poor areas, you might ask. Fear not. Logic will be revealed. For the same reason they removed the school food guidelines so greedy schools can continue to feed kids crap. And they cut other funding related to child nutrition, too.

Healthy kids would grow into thinking adults. Can’t have that! So our government has come up with a genial plan that incrementally reduces kids’ intake of vital nutrition until they’re old enough to vote National. Unfortunately, they still need the masses to vote for them. But it won’t be long before they will get rid of that nuisance, too. They’re working on it. All that involvement of the public is far too costly in the long run. Much better just to involve the ones who can pay. You want democracy? User pays. A subscription for one vote will cost $250,000 annually. If you don’t have that kind of money spare, go away and save. I guess it will happen just after they’ve sold the South Island to Japan, and Auckland to the highest bidder. But that’s another story.

After years of beavering behind the scenes to get this massive recession going the party of choice for bankers and other crims has finally reached its goal. We ALL have to tighten our belts, they pontificate. We have to slash funding for everyone so we ALL share the burden. Except for us, the wealthy laugh and don’t even have the decency to do it behind our backs. Instead, they’re rubbing their sticky hands right in front of us and call the recession an opportunity – for them.

Now they’ve got us where they wanted us for a long, long while. Our brains – softened from decades of having cheap consumer goods thrown at them – can’t tell who and what and where and why. Who is responsible? What happened? Where is the money gone? Why are we out of work? All we’ve taught to be interested in is shiny, shiny coin and more stuff, for which we work our butts off in two or three badly-paid casual jobs that leave absolutely no time to think about anything but payday, booze and television. We’re so tired from work and bad food, we’re busy with kids and telly and buying more stuff at the mall we hardly notice all the changes the government is doing without us. And at the same time we’re told by plastic faces with white teeth that beam at us from the box that we’re happier, freer, richer and healthier than ever before. Except for me, a thought gnaws in the back of our heads. Okay folks – let’s keep this in perspective. A banker with the burden of having to shift all our money back and forth across the globe does, after all, deserve a good whack. All that traveling, having to look good, fine wining and dining and all those meetings. Let’s say two million bucks a year? That’s fair. We, the underlings, can always buy a lotto ticket and hope for the best. Poor, but happy. And let’s not disturb National while they’re busy selling us down the gurgler. I’m sure they have their best interest in mind. We have, after all, voted them in.
Mental note to self: Write to National asking if at least under-twelve-year olds can have fruit back after implementation of planned 6-hour working days for poor kids. 

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