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Libz Rubbish Goff's Fawning Apology

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Fuseworks Media
Libz Rubbish Goff's Fawning Apology

Libertarianz leader Richard McGrath labelled Phil Goff's apology to the nation at the recent Labour Party conference "half-baked and half-witted", and dismissed it as an empty political stunt.

"Mr Goff mentioned things such as Helen Clark's obsession with light bulbs and shower heads. But this is just scratching the surface."

"He forgot to mention a few other aspects of people's lives Labour wants to control."

"His party wants to determine how we feed, discipline and educate our children; how we drive our cars; how we ride a bike; when we can let off fireworks on our own property; how we can build a house; how much of our money we will be allowed to keep."

"Under laws his party has sponsored we must answer stupid questions under threat of imprisonment; we may not defend ourselves against home invaders with adequate force; we must apologise to tribalists for things we didn't do; we must pretend that mud puddles and swamps have intrinsic value that trump human aspirations; we must keep criminals in such luxurious accommodation that they commit crime to be sent back there; we must pay for trashy TV shows and art we wouldn't choose to buy; we must pay for a rugby tournament even if we don't follow the game; and we must provide a venue on prime Auckland waterfront land for the after-match piss-up."

"Phil Goff is unrepentant over the Electoral Finance Act, which was a blatant attack on free speech, and an attempt by Helen Clark to remain Prime Minister for life; Labour's retrospective legalization of theft from taxpayers to fund Helen's pledge card was an act of desperation from a politician used to bullying and stealing to get what she wanted. Mr Goff breezed over these issues as though they were an unintended oversight."

"Welfare for Families - an election bribe to suck the iPod-carrying, home-owning middle class into welfare dependency. The viciousness of Trevor Mallard, Heather Simpson and Mike Williams - where is the apology for all this, Mr Goff?"

"Labour are only sorry for one thing - that they didn't get three more years sucking the taxpayer dry, while building up their constituency of welfare beneficiaries into a majority of the voting population so that they could rule indefinitely."

Dr McGrath called for Mr Goff to either have a second crack at apologising, with reference to the points raised by the Libertarianz Party, or simply admit that he and his party are state-worshipping power-lusters.

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