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A New Dawn Or False Hope?

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Adrian Musolino
Adrian Musolino
Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s inaugural address had a sombre feel to it. Despite the incredible fanfare of his inauguration, Obama knows the mammoth task he faces to “rebuild America.” Can he live up to the hope of being the saviour?

Part of me feels sorry for Obama. He is walking into a disaster and he has a huge task in front of him to rebuild the country.

The economy is the most obvious sector in need of fixing

As Obama stated, “Our economy is badly weakened, a consequence of greed and irresponsibility on the part of some, but also our collective failure to make hard choices and prepare the nation for a new age.”

The world awaits the effect Obama will have on the economic outlook with the millions worldwide suffering from the depression with job losses and the like hoping for stability and the signs of recovery

There is also the conflict in Gaza currently in an uneasy ceasefire, the rebuilding of Iraq and the transfer of responsibility to the Iraqi’s as the Americans intensify their withdrawal, the need to continue to save Africa, a continent still ravaged by famine and disease, the rebuilding of relationships damaged under Bush, from Russia, China, Europe and the Middle East and also on the domestic front, sorting out the deplorable health care system.

While much of the fanfare of Obama’s rise is undoubtedly as a result of the historical election of an African American in a country in which only decades ago segregation ruled the elation of a ‘new dawn’ also demonstrates the dissatisfaction with the George W. Bush presidency.

Bush’s legacy is already being called one of the most damaging in American history.

Obama must reverse the direction the Bush presidency took America down.

As Obama tackles what appear to be insurmountable issues, will his popularity remain at the 80 percent mark and fanfare continue as harsh reality sets in?

Like George W. Bush’s presidency was defined by his reaction to September 11 and subsequent mistakes and mismanagement, you feel the relative success or failure of the Obama presidency will be defined by his actions in his first few months in the White House.

Let’s hope (and that seems to be the buzz word in Washington DC) he can live up to the mighty expectations and steer the USA, and therefore the rest of the world, in the right direction of proper, well thought out governance.

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