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Obama rules out releasing Bin Laden death photos

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Dave Griffith
Dave Griffith
Obama did well, even with the obligatory helicopter malfunction that is the trademark of covert US missions.

President Barack Obama has decided that the holiday photos of SEAL Team Six’s trip to Pakistan, that included the assassination of Osama Bin Laden should not be released.

The debate has raged for days, with US officials feeling under pressure to provide tangible evidence that Bin Laden was dead.

Now sanity has prevailed and Obama has said they are not buying into what amounts to little more than ghoulish curiosity on the part of the media.

President Obama is right when he said he thought the images could inflame sensitivities. “We don’t trot out this stuff as trophies,” he said.

White House spokesman Jay Carney, obviously a little miffed that his moment in the limelight was being eroded by the President talking directly to the media again, quoted Obama as saying, “There will be some folks who will deny it but you will not see Bin Laden walking on this Earth again.”

That is right Jay, but I thought the problem in the first place was that no one could see Osama Bin Laden walking “on this earth”. It took ten years, and the Pakistani’s still didn’t figure out that the mysterious guy living in the biggest house on the street with the ultra high walls might have beem hiding from someone.

The decision from President Obama not to release the photos is a contradiction of CIA Director Leon Panetta’s statement yesterday that said the “photos would be released at some stage”.

Meanwhile back in leafy Abbottabad, the free market is alive and well. The walled compound has become a sightseers’ attraction. It even has an ice cream truck outside, and kids selling bits of metal they claim is from the US helicopter that was destroyed after it malfunctioned.

Regarding President Obama’s handling of the mission, newswarped has to say that we are impressed with his attitude. He has been sombre and reserved, and not apperaing to gloat over the result.

If George W Bush was still in charge, he would be wearing that half-smirk of his all the time and pissing off the muslim world big-time with a script he stole from a B-Grade western movie. “yeah he squealed like a pig before we shot him.”

The media has had to rely on Whitehouse spokemen and a range of government agency heads, who have been rattling off details of the raid like it was a soap opera plot. The only problem for them is that in their haste to be seen as ‘in the know’ they have spent more time contradicting each other than backing up the President.

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