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Syria is Bleeding (And I lay down a Challenge to Michael Jackson fans)

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

Journalists like to say "bloodiest day."

Google "bloodiest day Syria" and you get articles announcing the bloodiest day in April 2011, November 2011, December 2011, and February 2012... They have actually had many “bloodiest days” and it’s hard to find a headline that says “Syria has a relatively bloody day” or “Syria not so bloody today, maybe tomorrow.” And very sadly, lots of amazing people are dying and being atrociously harmed in days of moderate to heavy bloodiness.

My last blog was shared by over 500 people on Facebook and over 200 people on Twitter, just because I wrote about how Michael Jackson tried to heal the world. I got many a “God Bless You”, even saluted, called “a rare breed of journalist”, and suddenly became "Ms". Ok. So… I want people who make comments like that to put their money where their mouth is. Now that I am writing about an actual issue that needs serious healing, I wonder how many people would step up and be interested enough to share such a topic? It sucks, but probably a lot less. I’m sure if all the Michael Jackson fans put into action the love and legacy they are so passionate about we COULD make a BIG difference. (Note the challenge people.) Bob Marley fans, this also applies to you… One Love! Etc. Stop getting stoned and being useless. Love is a VERB not a NOUN.

So about these bloodiest days. Government forces are especially enjoying rape right now, against men, women and children. Especially little boys, who have been reported as being treated worse than adults in detention facilities, not just raped, but tortured, with fingernails pulled out and electric shocks applied to their genitalia. Such evil is not limited and also occurs in residential areas, where security forces and militia go on little raping adventures. One 12 year old girl was reported as being raped so severely by many men that she was very much torn open. If this is not sick enough, consider the difficulty in providing care to these devastated innocents, physically, mentally, spiritually. Now, you know how much this abuse of innocent children would hurt Michael Jackson. With his record of charity work, if he was alive today, he'd probably be throwing big bucks into the relief program. But since we sort of learned nothing from him and his postive messages, we will probably just stand by and do nothing... ???

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been described as a leader who feeds on blood. So is the world doing something about this? Well, “We are the World” sung Jackson, so I ask, what are YOU doing about it? Politicians and organisations will do their thing, their peaceful sitting and discussing (the U.N. is pushing the Syrian piece-of-shit-President to “step down” but I doubt he will say "ok, I see your point there.") But in the meantime, the days are increasingly getting bloodier. Assad’s crack down on the protests has constituted crimes against humanity. So I say, when someone commits crimes against humanity, humanity - all of us - fight back! When Haiti was flattened by an earthquake, George Cloony organized a Telethon and celebrities wept. The plan to make that asshole Kony famous got 91,116,298 hits on You Tube. But so far this video about Syria has only 149 hits. This Facebook group only has 393 Likes. 393! And this one only has 105 members. Ridiculous! There are potatoes on Facebook who have more support. POTATOES. 

People are dying and suffering in vain and they think the world doesn’t care. You don't have to be a rock star jet-setting around orphanages handing out toys, hugs and autographs to make a difference.

To donate or learn more you can go to Syria Relief, Amnesty Organisation or Human Appeal.

Educate yourself: Syria's Torture Survivors Speak Out and read this too: Deadly Reprisals. Deliberate Killings and other abuses by Syrias Armed Forces

Because it's nice to have an interesting hero and a role model who does good things, but we have the power, the gift. to create the changes we want to see in the world, just as much as someone larger than life like The King of Pop. And we really should use that wonderful gift that we all have.

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