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What The Hell Is Schapelle Corby Still Doing In Jail?

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Dallas Boyd
Dallas Boyd

"Marijuana gives rise to insanity -- not in its users but in the policies directed against it. A nation that sentences the possessor of a single joint to life imprisonment without parole but sets a murderer free after perhaps six years is in the grips of a deep psychosis."

Eric Schlosser  “More Reefer Madness”

In 2005 a Bali court sentenced Schapelle Corby to 20 years in jail for being caught with 4.2 kilograms of marijuana in a bag that she identified as hers. She's still locked up in a Bali prison today, reportedly going insane and looking a little worse for the wear. For obvious reasons. 

Let's back up a little.

Three years prior to the complete theft and disintegration of Schapelle's young life, the infamous 2002 Bali bombers struck, slaughtering 202 innocent people and almost killing 240 others, who were "lucky" to receive only injuries.

Abu Bakar Bashir, the alleged spiritual leader of the terrorist group and open supporter of Osama Bin Laden was found guilty by the Indonesian government of partaking in the "evil conspiracy." When Bashir was asked whether he was embarrassed that fifteen of his students were directly involved in the terrorist attacks he said, "There are no Muslim terrorists. The terrorists are the CIA, the Americans and the Australians. They're the ones who terrorise Muslims." 

Abu Bakar Bashir only served about 2 years in prison, as the judge found insufficient proof to establish a connection between him and the bombings... despite operatives of the attack claiming they had acted to please Bashir and to "fulfill his vision of overthrowing the Indonesian government to establish a pan-Islamic state."  He was also released early for "good behavior."

For all the families who lost loved ones in the Bali Bombings and for all the governments across the world who believed the sentencing of Bashir was too short and lenient, this clearly represents a significant difference of opinion.

The Indonesian Government found Schapelle Corby guilty as well and sentenced her to 20 years in prison. There are also differences of opinion in the Schapelle Corby case.

Those who believe she is innocent, or who struggle to find her "guilty without a reasonable doubt" ask questions such as:

"How would a girl with no previous criminal history get 10lbs of pot through 2 major Australian airports?"

"Why would you smuggle $40,000 worth of Australian pot to Indonesia where the value would only be about $2,000?"

"Why did the Bali police refuse to have the bag of pot fingerprinted or tested as to determine it's origin?"

"Why did Quantas keep changing its story as to why CCTV footage was not working that day?"

"Why wasn't it taken into account that her bag was out of her control for 12 hours?"

"Why was it not taken into consideration that Corby's flight occurred on the same day that a large shipment of cocaine was transported out of the airport by a drug ring involving corrupt baggage handlers?"

"Why was it not taken into consideration that a prisoner testified he'd overheard a conversation in prison between two men in which they discussed planting the marijuana in Corby's boogie-board bag?"

In 2007 a documentary was released called "Ganja Queen" which covered the arrest, trial, and imprisonment of Schapelle Corby. Even if you think the Corby's are a bunch of classless redneck stoners (which maybe they are) it's still hard not to cringe and cry as they quietly get their hopes up that Schapelle will be able to come home "soon." We know - now - that she won't be home soon.

Media, god bless it, seems to have influenced the Indonesian governments treatment of her more than anything. Maybe a bribe could have been accepted in exchange for her freedom - if the whole world was not watching. Maybe the Indonesian Government would have been lenient and let her out sooner - if they weren't trying to make an example of her and prove a point. Is this about racial hatred?   

In 2008 Schapelle Corby released her book, "No More Tomorrows: The Compelling True Story of an Innocent Woman Sentenced to Twenty Years in a Hellhole Bali Prison (Paperback)." is temporarily out of stock. 

But I believe Abu Bakar Bashir speaks for both himself and Schapelle when he asks very simply, "What honour have we got left, when nobody is listening to us?"

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